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Last Activity:
Jun 12, 2019
Apr 30, 2012
Likes Received:
September 22
The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

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peachy, Female, from The Imperial Capital, Zaphias

i might check up on here more often so if we used to talk, feel free to hmu if you want to add me on fb/insta/discord Jun 12, 2019

Estellise was last seen:
Jun 12, 2019
    1. Incendiary Revenant
      Incendiary Revenant
      Recent tests drove me to the depths of despair as well.
    2. -Nator-
      Working a dead-end job mostly.
      Like what kind of games? :p
    3. ShinyMienshao
      counting down the days until sun and Moon. I need gen 7.
    4. Sinnoh Ash
      Sinnoh Ash
      Why should I say something to motivate myself? A motivation should come from something or someone external

      Probably not since you weren't able to answer your own question
      He can drive! At least when he's blindfolded...
      By going to sleep or maybe by meditating I heard that works, just ask Meditite
      That sounds dumb and illogical I guess our civilization hasn't advanced all. Is there still Twitter, Facebook, etc?
      I'm listening but I got bored...so goodbye
      Nothing will happen unless I slept until they released it then I'd be very happy for just doing it!

      Umm thank you person who has never seen me before! Lol jk.
      Maybe they're the lucky ones
      JUST DO IT!!!
      And when you finally find one they effing teleport! Torchic, the one to start what would be 3 consecutive series where the Fire starter becomes a mma fighter when it evolves.
      I was always frugal with my money like I would always choose something where you would get paid a lot but never spent it on anything. Even when I got to the end I never got the mansion lol that was so dumb
      Although kids and marriage did always seem to screw me up
    5. -Nator-
      The very last possibru moment.
      Eh, I was doing something with myself for a while, until some months ago, now I'm just being a sloth not sure what to do next in my life.
      What have ya been doing in yer spare time?
    6. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [have you ever felt excruciating pain?]
    7. Dragalge
      Agreed. It's almost a glaring issue as the misspelled word "soldier" in Saizo and Oboro's C-Rank conversation. Yeah her accuracy could be better but I guess that's what happens when one wields axes haha. And I love Benny, he's my favorite male unit in Conquest along with Keaton and Kaze. :I
    8. Sinnoh Ash
      Sinnoh Ash
      Probably, but it doesn't mean I'll try

      Maybe you should stop being lazy all the time and start being productive :P
      Nothing is dumber than Texas, Spongebob already established that
      Same, patience is not my forte
      So are the robots our servants or is the other way around?
      It does make me happy so thank you :D
      Obviously because Uncharted is the better series
      That sounds weird "hope hard enough" xD

      "They killed Kenny, you bastards!" How did I forget that one, it's basically their most iconic quote! I hate myself
      Lies! They'll say they play for fun and then when it comes to battle they'll bring out their perfect IVs Pokémon and destroy me
      You should let me watch it and I'll be the judge of how intentionally bad it was
      He must have had some of that Honchcrow's Super Luck to have Ralts be his first ever encounter. I always chose Treecko, I just love the Treecko line so much
      I agree, Life is so much fun you either end up being very rich and successful or you end up being a bum
    9. -Nator-
      Is that two-year rule still in place? Not sure when/if I'll change mine again. D:
      I'm doing well, I can't believe our last messages were from 2014. I underestimated time again... damn. How about you? Apologies for not saying hi sooner from when you returned.
    10. -Nator-
      You know what? I'm an idiot for not realizing sooner who this strange person was on my activity was every so often.

      y u name change so much?

      Also, hi.
    11. Doodlebug
      whut abuot marriagijuana?

      It seems like yesterday I was a shaky twelve year old mustering up the courage to message you but it was fOUR YEARS AGO kms what is life
    12. Sinnoh Ash
      Sinnoh Ash
      Eh, still needs work notch it down even more

      Binge watching is the best way to watch your favorite shows
      I had to wait an eternity for you, have some patience
      But you're still alive after an eternity, that must be pretty cool. So how's the future hobo?
      Thank you for allowing me to have my own opinion especially when it's correct :P
      Hey the Uncharted games aren't that hard but they took me forever just to pass all three! Now I'm dying waiting for the final game to come out ;^;

      Don't forget "Goddammit!" That's all I know so don't ask me for any more SP knowledge
      Exactly, play for fun! Where have those people gone?
      The only PR videos I have ever made have been the very basic ones where they ask you what kind of theme and that's it
      You'd be jealous of him too if you knew his starter was the all powerful Ralts. Norman was a jerk by telling you to get some badges before facing someone as tough as him because you would stand no chance. And yes never visiting you or checking up on you like dear old mom
      Monopoly game takes forever to play and brings out the worst in people and to think, Monopoly was created to show us the evil ways of capitalism.
    13. Dragalge
      Really? And here I was expecting an awesome-looking Phoenix flying across the map making a majestic Phoenix sound and would have light coming off the ground reviving everyone. Missed opportunity I say! I've lived through Peri's crybaby face long enough, I can live with Charlotte's haha! That said she is quite fun as a Berserker and I paired her with Keaton on Conquest since I wanted to see how she would react to Keaton's trash-collecting. .__.
    14. ShinyMienshao
      HoWdY well hello. I just remembered that this place existed and decided to drop in. What's been happening?!?
    15. ShinyMienshao
      You're....you're still here

      All these years and Amanda is still here
    16. ShinyMienshao
    17. Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      Pikachu Fan Number Nine
      [What are you doing about a job?]
    18. Sinnoh Ash
      Sinnoh Ash
      Good, don't screw it up

      Of course the grim adventures! I loved that show. But I always felt sorry for Pud'n he was such an innocent person in the show.
      Spacesuits and space are awesome!
      Don't rush me!
      *Time card* one eternity later
      With my little knowledge I have of the RE series I can safely say Wesker>Everyone
      16 games!? Are you trying to kill me?!

      Meh I'm not really a fan of South Park but I've seen episodes where he says that and how it's one of his most popular catchphrasesearch
      Honestly, online battling in anything pretty much sucks, there's always spammers or ragequitters or whatver else that's annoying when trying to play for fun. Haha I don't think I have ever made a custom PR video, there's just nothing about it that grabs my attention. Btw thanks for implying that I would suck at PR videos >_>
      Lol I think people are just jealous that Wally's first Pkmn is an effing Ralts! Plus dad does seem more interested in Wally, helping him have his first Pkmn instead of ever helping you get your own Pkmn. I've won at life lots of times, definitely better than Monopoly
    19. Incendiary Revenant
      Incendiary Revenant
      Tests: the ultimate key to madness.
    20. Dragalge
      Silly question but when a unit loses all of his/her HP, does an actual Phoenix come and bring them back to life? That has been something in my mind for a while. In Birthright I married Kaegero and on Conquest I married Peri despite my avatar having the Cavalier class too. Still thinking of who to choose in Revelation but I chose both because I like their designs out of all of the female units. :p
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    September 22
    The Imperial Capital, Zaphias
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    i haven't been on here in literally years