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  • *starts laughing* I can't take this! I'm not sorry! You were a fool to believe that! *leaves laughing*

    Umm next time you say that, you probably shouldn't cross your fingers in front of me. You should have put them behind your back. .__.
    *visits you in jail* I just came to say, I'm sorry.

    >^> Next time you try that I won't revive you! *gives you a max revive*
    Jackasswipehole. I guess you can find the humor in the somewhat applicable anecdotes, like with Mexican jokes I hear I'm all "dammit, that wouldn't be a stretch...XDXD"

    I didn't think there were actual real Hello Kitties....
    *throws rock in your bush, police look your direction* -smirks-

    Woo! I'm alive! Oh yeah there's one thing I forgot to do- *kills you*
    Not sure what that word is, douche? asswipe? hole? He kinda does, and racist jokes are.....I feel bad when I seriously laugh at some .-.

    Well it's not like it was a real Hello Kitty, the kitty-ladder maker likes to bury the dolls for some reason...
    Yeah, some of his material was juvenile and kind of offensive. But honestly, if I;m in the right mindset....."hurr, lolz that wuz funny XD"

    Don't worry, it's just made out of it's fur. Hello Kitty is dead and buried over there.
    It does sound cool. I;ve seen one episode of that, some good stuff.

    You were supposed to imagine like a furry ladder or something, but that's fine.
    *smirks* -gets bow and arrow and aims-

    It's about time...good job and goodbyez.....*chuckles and dies*
    Ok then bye! *waves*

    *If I wake up and you haven't done what you could have done...I swear....*
    You just don't want to walk lazy***! That's why you want a wheelchair! >.>

    Yeah I'm... fine. Just give me a sec- *passes out*
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