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  • Thanks for the prompt response.

    I became curious after seeing the note you put at the beginning of that fic, because it happens to line up very well with something I've got planned to hopefully begin writing soon. It's a journey fic, but through it I hope to defy and deconstruct the typical clichés many journey fics have on the way to making it memorable, which seems like something that might be to your tastes. It will have a blending of original characters and existing ones, though the main cast is almost entirely OCs and the existing characters I intend to expand upon quite a bit.

    Hilariously enough, we might actually be subconsciously linked already, because one of the main leads is a girl named Olivia who has a Minccino, and the first half of it will be set in Johto. Coincidence is a funny thing, eh? XD;

    Anyway, I won't bore you any further right now. If you're interested I can tell you more, though.
    Hey. I saw your comments in your new fic, and I was wondering, could you tell me more about what kinds of fics you like?
    hey estuary, merry christmas!


    though i suppose it might not be by the time you get this....

    Working on my own fanfic story now, but I doubt ill ever post it any where.


    Typed like crazy today and last right to get the prologue out, but still debating what direction to take it from there.


    Would you mind giving me some (decidedly needed) criticism once I've cleared up the spelling/grammar?

    woah, hey man.


    sorry for the late reply, ive been absent for a while, hoping to change that now.


    ill be waiting on you to finish that chapter then, huh?

    not very active lately, huh mate?

    well me either i guess. XD

    give me a call if you drop in.
    VISITORS: Sorry for my ludicrously long absence, I moved to LA! I only had two days' notice so forgive me D: I'm using my cousin's computer. Still won't be on regularly for a long time~ ILU ALL THOUGH. <3

    P.S. I am still writing- SLOWLY, I really hate drafting in notebooks, it ends up being an erased illegible mess- er, tl;dr: my 'fic will go oooon~.
    Well... horror, gore? Psychologically damaged? Something to feel depressed over?

    Care to read and review?
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