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Eternal Darkness

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  • I don't have time for this website any more, and I don't have time to sign into Steam at silly hours in the morning either (I have a full time job, yay!)

    Best place to contact me is Discord (Rezzo#7515), I'm probably going to set up a small server for people to chat on as well. But Discord is a pretty chill place and anonymous too if you haven't used it before
    I can't be bothered with the Late Show any more

    I'm subscribed but I've been entertained for now
    Really enjoyable. I'd seen tidbits of it already of course. I'm happy that I can watch the highlights regularly now
    If you can even replace the battery in that phone, yes. I don't see a factory reset even solving the issue, ignoring the hassle of having to reconfigure the phone afterwards.
    Sounds more like your battery is just dead, not surprising given the age of the phone.
    No somebody stepped on it, it was on the floor because I use it to HDMI to the TV
    Also Emergency Exit has a very strange interaction with U-Turn and Volt Switch where only the Pokémon with Emergency Exit switches if it activates due to the above moves
    Emergency Exit, Disguise, Fluffy, Tangled Hair, Stamina, solageo and lunala's abilities, Pyukumyuku's ability, Electric Surge, Misty Surge, Grassy Surge, Psychic Surge, Comatose, these are the ones from the top of my head at least
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