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Eternal Darkness

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  • I mean that makes sense

    I think that's easily the worst thing about doing such a course, the amount of reading is insane
    I think you mean *other* games

    Speaking of other games, have you even given Earthbound a look yet?
    Pet peeve time

    a bunch of my friends have started playing Bind of Isaac, and they constantly use the wiki and ask me for advice on plays and what items do instead of just picking things up and trying to figure out what they do

    Like, you're destroying a large portion of the enjoyabiltiy of the game
    Had a quick browse, seems absolutely hilarious

    Frank Lampard definitely isn't an underrated football player
    also do you watch many Japanese movies? I watched Seven Samurai a few months ago and ever since I've been a huge Kurosawa fan
    lol there's a guy in the "What Anime Are You Watching" thread posting their hentai along with the other stuff they're watching

    Gotta love the Chinese cartoon fanbase
    Me too, though I'm waiting for the next over-the-top design any moment now
    I ended up being away from home for 2 weeks and decided to read 20th Century Boys as I wouldn't be watching Utena

    I'm liking this a lot. Urasawa's art style is just so enjoyable
    Can't say yet as I haven't finished Mother 3

    but I could explain the story of EarthBound to you in a few paragraphs.

    In fact, I will

    You start off as Ness, a boy in a suburban town who finds out he has psychic powers after a magical meteor lands outside his house. You get introduced to Porky and Pinky; Ness' obnoxious neighbours who go with you to explore the meteor, where Buzz Buzz the fly tells you about Giygas trying to destroy the world.
    Okay I can't be bothered anymore, you can explain the story of EarthBound in more than a few paragraphs now that I think about it. But EarthBound doesn't have a very intreicate story as Mother 3 does
    Mother 3 throws plot twists at you in the first hour of playing

    EarthBound starts along the premise of Ness being a powerful kid and nothing really happens plot-wise for quite a while
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