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Eternal Darkness

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  • So I decided to start playing Mother 3, it's even better than EarthBound so far

    Like, one of the best games I've ever played
    I wonder if they'll be evil

    I wonder if they will be tricked into thinking that they're doing it for the good of the world but their leader is actually corrupt

    Like the Happy Happyist cult in EarthBound

    (play EarthBound is what I'm insinuating)
    More than one or two things? You mean not making gimmicky Pokemon and attempting to make a completely new game?

    I noticed that they look to be shifting away from the gym formula

    I can't wait
    Sandshrew and Sandslash have new typings

    This is all I need to know to be hyped for Sun Moon
    Has this whole Pokémon GO fad made you feel a little weird as well? There's almost this sort of cult-like following the game has created. It's kind of weird to see people who entirely forgot about Pokémon for over ten years to suddenly start caring again, and actually care about GO more than I do
    You should

    I can't remember which episode was episode 5. But the whole series isn't exactly fully continuous from what I can tell

    Do you think I'd like Revolutionary Girl Utena?
    Yeah I did. I'm having trouble beating Master Belch (because I'm ****ing awful at JRPGs)

    I've never read any interpretations - luckily I was watching it with two other people and we shared our interpretations with each other
    I started playing again anyway, the game is fun enough

    How are you finding Lain?
    God damn it

    I played EarthBound for about 8 hours the other day and the file decided to not save properly

    I can't be bothered to start again
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