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Eternal Darkness

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  • ****ing America

    I empathise with you though, living with parents is tough nuts
    I guess not but nobody can really predict what's going to happen

    There's still a lot of scaremongering going around
    Who knows, maybe because she's crazy and impossible to talk to on any kind of meaningful level

    It's not that sad really, you can't miss what you never had

    Yeah I do but I can only imagine he goes through what I did, and there's not a whole lot I can do about it. It's something I try not to think about
    It's not

    Barely. I know he exists, and that's about it

    He's fine I hope
    Yeah pretty much not, she barely remembers what I study and doesn't know the names of any of my friends, bar one person who I've known my entire life. She never asks me about the people I live with or what hobbies I have

    What you find annoying might be taken for granted; imagine neither of your parents caring about where your life goes. That's basically how I have to live
    I dunno ask her

    It's more of a thing that happens because she has no friends, I think

    Or maybe it's because we have nothing in common

    So I don't tell her about myself anyway
    Likewise, and talked about things I don't care about like how much she does her hair and ****
    Oh Jesus Christ

    I just re-read the "having 'fun' with my mom" part again

    having "fun" with your mum
    "with your mum"

    have fun
    Yeah just the Destiny thread and maybe another one

    Lol I did that on Saturday last week. It didn't go too badly surprisingly, though I wouldn't do it again for a long bloody time
    I can't remember any more

    Might start using MAL a little more often

    I'm gonna try and watch Evangelion, FLCL, Welcome to the NHK, The Tatami Galaxy, Cowboy Bebop which I can hopefully remember to finish this time, and Bo Bo Bo if I can stomach the weirdness
    So it only took me a whole year to notice there's a thread on OVGD that the same 4 or 5 people post in constantly which is pretty 'big' now
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