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  • Oh, yeah, when you are sleeping! Just say your are going to bed then put
    Then he wakes up and so does everyone else. I will continue frm there. Also at least out seven(7) lines and DESCRIPTION!
    That is Okay! You might to check the discussion thread and the RPG thread.(if you haven't gotten my PM yet)
    Bro. 2 here! ou might wat to space things out abit(like me and some other members). Also, add description. Thank you!
    Hey Man Have u got my emails also On the RPG u made two posts u can't do that remeber the rules now hurry up and delete the second post
    ye i'm also trying to get in that rpg but my discription is always wrong :'( i hope i'm also in it
    Hey, Eternal-Torterra! I see that you're friends with DanChimchar. That's cool.
    Well, welcome to the forums and I hope that we can be friends, too.
    No, I don't know about. Just choose a different village, but not the Leaf Village. Also, make sure your sign-up FOLLOWS the RULES.
    Me, bro2. There is 2 free spots for Team 1 either boy girl or girl girl. Team 2 there is 2 free spots and Team 3 2 free spots.(I think that is right)
    You too! Oh, and DamChimchar probably didn't tell you this but my identical twin brother goes on the sae account as me. He is Bro. 1 I am Bro. 2. Just ask which one of us is on when we are on.
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