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  • Movie 2007 Darkrai + Deoxys Giveaway

    Click Darkrai to enter:

    Nvm then. I thought we were talking about a trade via 4th gen games. If you eventually need one for one of these games, don't hesitate to V/PM me! :)
    Hello, i'm willing to trade my Darkrai with you in exchange for a shiny pokemon [I'd like to know in advance which ones you have to offer and whether I can choose from them]. My Darkrai was traded through the GTS. Its nature is Lax, level 50 [UT], with the following set:

    3826-1545-5519 <-- Pokemon White FC. Just bought the game, so nothing much on offer here, however, you can make me an offer to trade one of my shinies on SS for a low-level magikarp or something, and trade me something good on White in return for a low-level
    lol. well it is ok. hope this problem solved soon.

    though i think it is better you have your own wifi at home. companies wifi is not suited for nintendo to prevent data sharing i think.
    just to let you know I've changed my internet settings and router, which means that for the time being I can't trade over wi-fi :S sorry for any issues this causes. I'm hoping to get it sorted, but i have a contract and if it's not compatible with nintendo i might not be able to trade for a long time :/ xx
    I'd like your shiny chikorita, caterpie, tentacool, slugma, grimer, articuno, pinsir, moltres, mewtwo, zapdos and ho-oh. Do you still want to trade? And what for.
    i pretty sure i am trading you darkrai and shiny totodile. do you still want me to hold them or i should give them to someone else?
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