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  • Long time no chat! How are you? Hope all is well.
    I'm fine. I've got an admin job on the official Terraria Discord.
    Ah. IIRC you mentioned before about working on Terraria. Haven’t played it though.
    Advice: It you don't have it and decide to get it, all you gotta do is catch it when it goes on sale on Steam, which is pretty much every Steam sale there is. It's a good deal even at normal price. But if you do have it, I'd recommend moving it from your backlog to your "currently playing" list.
    Hello :3 Your Gardevoir picture is pretty X3

    I don't keep to myself enough XD I tell everyone about my crush on here...aha.....

    Fairy is actually my favorite pokemon type! People would think its fighting first meeting me, i'm sure.....(but no. its fairy!!! :D)
    They told me that the issue has been acknowledged and I should get codes on the 18th. If not, I call on the 19th.

    I have detailed this in the Official Pokemon News thread.
    I'm contacting Nintendo Customer Service about this, so I will tell you what they tell me.

    This is a bit screwy, I don't know if certain people are lucky, or others are unlucky.
    Yeah, overall it was a good trip! Great snorkelling was had.

    Still some stuff we don't yet know about the Switch... hurry up, Nintendo!
    Yeah, I'd say you beat the game, haha.

    I've heard of it but never played a HM game (seen a friend play some though).

    Recently? I was on a cruise with family to New Caledonia, haha. Back home now though, so back to work! And just now reading on all the Switch stuff.
    Since you have been very considerate towards me, I will attempt your level. It may take me a little bit because of university, but I will try by at least Wednesday.

    My anti-bowser apparatus became a different idea. I was trying to make a pseudo-rude golberg machine.
    I created another Super Mario Maker level, and I'm preparing another Anti-Bowser Apparatus, in case you are interested.
    Lol I went on hiatus for a month :p

    I've heard a lot of theories about another area next to Kalos and that would likely be the best bet, similar to what they did for BW2 but much more. I noticed membersin the news thread keep debating on what is considered to be the most possible or logical for GF to do for the next games. For me, I've always felt like adding more Pokes in the middle of 6th gen would be a great idea, mainly to keep the 3rd game more interesting. I've never been big on the 3rd games other than BW2 because it was a sequel. Feels like GF will try more new things this time around, but at this point I shouldn't be getting my hopes up.
    Magiana's design is intriguing. Now I'm back to wondering what Game Freak is planning for the next games, whether it's a traditional 3rd game, gen "6.5," or gen 7
    I guess I should thank you for your support. I don't know how other people have gotten so many stars, while I have much fewer. Oh well, maybe I can think of another good idea sometime.

    Fun fact: The latest level I made was delayed in development, when the new stage elements (esp. Fire Clown Car) came out, I used some of those to give the level more options.

    Apparently, the Bob-omb challenge isn't as difficult as I said it was.
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