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  • Oh cool! MLP just finished its 5th season so I might go back to rewatching certain eps. I'm looking forward to the movie they announced (not EQ)

    Mind if I ask what your resolution is? Mines is just to get more A's next semester :p
    Lol, at least one time I remember they showed an ad for MLP Friendship Games. I was pleasantly surprised to see that pop up.

    Me neither, didn't do anything for Christmas as well. For New Years, it's pretty much watching the ball drop then go to bed
    Same for me. The ads never really bother me much actually, not even when they break I between long vids. Guess I'm just used to it by now

    Nothing special huh? I was still studying for finals on my B-day so mine was pretty bland like any other day.
    Well yea, they go up to 50 and learn your playstyle. I mainly just collect them as I'm busy trying to deck out my own customs I use.
    No, just when players figure out the other's pattern. Which is fine, but it gets to a point where it's no longer fun for me. I'd rather not be the solo target in 1v1. With multi you can't necessarily do that. You can, but there's at least one other player either working with you or against you.
    As long as the custom isn't as I mentioned, I'm fine with them. And mine are well built and could easily fit in as official stages.

    4 I find most enjoyable. Time I only said for those who hate being on sidelines. I usually do 4 stock.

    I do 3-4 player matches. Hate 1v1.
    Would you be up to playing? I enjoy customs and equipments allowed, all items on but set to low, all stages allowed just depending on lag and no custom stages where you can't get knocked out except by a tiny opening or at all, with 4 stock/time, but difficult finding players.
    He does commentary on different kinds of games, as well as Nintendo. The way he does things and criticizes games in his videos makes me lol.

    Btw how was your birthday, December pal?
    He says the funniest things imo. I've also watched PBG and JWittz, their commentary is entertaining as well. Do you also know Jimmy Whetzel by any chance? I think he did a collaboration with PBG one time. I've been rewatching his most recent vids lately cause they make me laugh my *** off every time
    I looked up some gameplay of it, didn't know it had a muscular form lol. I haven't played Super Mario Maker either myself, but I've watched Youtube videos of it. Do you know Markiplier? I've been watching him play difficult stages made by another and seeing him rage ha ha.
    Lol dangit! I actually like the pink rabbit at first glance. It reminds me of my first ever stuffed animal. I would sure like to decorate my home menu sometime. It's bland and I haven't found any themes that I'd like yet.
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