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  • Are you saying that Badge Arcade distracts you from chaining? Sounds like a game I should try sometime, lol.

    I think usually end up forgiving them, sometimes I also get angry about certain situations too late and just forget about it.
    ? I don't understand the connection between the two, and I never got to trying out Badge Arcade.

    Ha ha, well in that case they'd surely be pissed off about it. I usually don't see people being unsympathetic in these kinds of situations unless they're unaware of what they're doing, which is still pretty bad I guess. Sometimes I don't know whether to show your anger about it towards them or just forgive them in certain situations.
    I'm sure that they made it easier to chain this time, I had a lot of trouble with the PokeRadar when I played Pearl.

    Yeah I understand that it's important. I'm probably just thinking too much about it.. I just don't want to come across as someone who apologizes for no reason because I know it can be annoying.
    Lol I always thought chaining was difficult in general. Never was successful in that method of shiny hunting, but I wasn't very devoted from the start.

    Ah, the naïveté of child hood

    Well in the end, I said something pointless to show that concern. I can see that showing it in certain ways can be seen as annoying so I have to try to avoid saying/doing things like that in certain situations. I have to make sure to show my concern in the most appropriate ways. Rest assured, I'll make sure to stay this way even if I get brainwashed by a Malamar xP
    It is? Hmm I forgot about the dexnav. I always thought it was special to see one but that probably only applies to a female one.

    Oh, well I guess making a game isn't as fun as you'd think at first. I've always wanted to design my own game when I was a child, but it was hard enough trying to make instruction manuals lol

    Yeah that'd make the most sense ha ha, dunno why I was thinking otherwise
    I've put shiny Pokes on wonder trade before, so at least that's something on my part, hah

    Seems exciting to wait for a new project

    Oh, I posted it and didn't notice it was on my own profile until days later. I didn't see you come on in a while either so I thought it was related. Was frustrated at myself for not noticing sooner, but I shouldn't have assumed anything
    That's nice of you ^^

    Oh okay. That's really cool! Are you currently involved in other game projects?

    edit: shoot!!! I posted this message on my own profile by accident. Sorry bout that!
    Wow :0 Does that mean you're giving them away, like in a trade shop?

    I've always preferred Nintendo games for gifts but this time is an exception, haven't played on PC for a long time. I think I'm gonna buy some games I played from my childhood as well as some I've never heard before but are well-received. Did you mention somewhere that you worked on Terraria or am I mistaken?
    Yup, feeling nothing but regret there lol.

    I better take advantage of the discounts on Steam by Tuesday, it's about time for me to get some games on there anyway. Oh gahd the price drops are wonderful
    Neat! And wow I also bought a Mewtwo amiibo, just today. In my local Toys R Us I wasn't interested in any other amiibo or figures though, so I didn't do the buy 1 get 1 40% off. Really sucks that I saw many Greninja about a month ago in the same store but didn't get it, now I don't see it anymore. I heard it was also one of the rarer ones too, esp. as an exclusive
    Oh, really? Well usually I don't watch episodes when they're first aired anyway. How's your Black Friday?
    If you put it that way then that really isn't worthy of its Guinness World Record xD

    Do you mean watching it live? I'm just gonna look it up online sometime after it airs.
    Ah that's true I guess. It's just hard to keep up the quality of the shows as they're extended out for a long time. I actually looked up the longest running anime and found it was over 7000 episodes and on-going. Well each ep is only 5 minutes but still it's been airing for quite a while.

    lol at least she would be interacting with animals for the most part xP Today I finally got to watching some more episodes of the current season of MLP. In "The Mane Attraction" I was blown away by Rara's song at the end! Always loved the singing in the show. And looking forward to seeing the finale this weekend yay
    Just like a bunch of other shows that I've enjoyed :'(

    I think I've liked Applejack the most ever since I first saw the show. They're all really nice too (but not as nice as Fluttershy amirite hahahahaahaha)
    I haven't even seen much of the show for a while, but I remember the older ones were much funnier

    I remember that :( At least Pinkie makes everything hilarious. Who is your favorite character in MLP?
    Whenever you mention sponge, I always think of Spongebob xD

    Ah, ok. Yeah that would be time-consuming for sure.
    I loled at the entire scene with Pinkie Pie. Those days when Frozen was so overrated and people just kept singing the song, f*cking annoying
    D: Nooooo plants always suffer

    Oh, I didn't know you already had Chimchar. I just finished reading all the chapters. Btw just wondering, are you thinking of making art of your characters and the region?
    Add a poisonous blob with Flamethrower and it adds ludicrously dangerous results

    Lol k, but I'm sure you would like to work with that c:
    Haah, it reminded me of Prof. Oak in the anime with Ash's Muk.

    I hope you'll at least give Grace a Mudkip.
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