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  • Oh alright, they just appeared to make a connection in my mind. Yup, the story certainly has a good flow to it. I did enjoy situations like the Muk knowing Flamethrower and the interaction with Molly. Well in terms of direction, I bet you're planning to have Graces's Eevee evolve into Sylveon at least :p I took a look at Ch. 4 and noticed that Grace has become her own character in the sense that Greg isn't named anymore. I guess he has gotten used to being a girl already that it needs no further comment, lol
    Haha, true. I read the next 2 chapters, and it's really cool how you've made your own region! Look forward to finding out more about it! I noticed how much this story reflects yourself, with them favorite Pokemon. I did see your personal post about gender dysphoria. It's great that even though we cannot decide our own biological gender, we at least have the choice to do so in the Pokemon games. I also found it funny how you replaced Mario with Sponge while leaving the rest of the games' names intact. It's interesting to see how Greg's (2nd) adventure goes and how the memories of his past will affect it.
    Oh alright, that's something to look forward to. Ah that makes sense, I didn't notice any recent messages between you two here.
    I went on your Deviantart and only read the first chapter so far. I really like what's happening. And you'd have to be extremely lucky to have Jirachi appear to you and say that it can grant you a wish hahah,
    K! I didn't notice that your sig was a link. Very sly xD I'll take a look at it when I can. I've noticed Zibdas on your profile, you two must be very close. You even have like thousands of messages between each other here on Serebii!
    Oh, okay. Jirachi huh? That's very interesting, something to do with wishes/hopes I assume. Are the first chapters uploaded somewhere? If you don't mind, maybe I could take a look at it :]
    No need to apologize! Just to clarify, I meant it as a joke when I talked about peevedness, hence the video haha. May I ask what your tale is about?
    Lol, peeved like Rocket Raccoon :p I guess from now on you'll only say "I am Groot" in all messages then
    Lol poor universes

    Oh yeah, I remember that. When that giant pony appeared in the sky to destroy the Sirens' powers, Sunset's "color" appeared in the end to create it. Very curious to see how she and the Twilights will come together.
    Battle between worlds!!! ...in a main series Pokemon game. :p

    :0 Is that similar to Twilight's then? Lol I was thinking something like forgiveness, since it takes a good amount of devotion towards someone in order to become friends in the first place. But hey, Sunset is still learning, maybe so.
    The two Primal Dialgas, good vs evil (the MD one), would fight each other to decide which one will rule time! Shoot, it could actually work seeing as they introduced the idea of multiple universes.

    True, at least they talked about the aspect of Twilight when she wasn't focused on friendship. I'm curious as to whether Sunset will have her own element, or if she is just like Twilight by being focused on magic.
    A TRUE PRIMAL DIALGA. (...or Mega, w/e happens :p)

    Those Sirens had great songs and were alright as antagonists. Although having an evil Twilight at the end was too similar to evil Sunset. I like the development of the movies since the 1st, wondering who will be the villian in the next movie.
    Yep, 6th gen really blows. That "Z" better have some challenges, not to mention loads of content to satisfy the fans!

    Honestly, I have never used Steam before and only just created an account, no games on there yet. I also completely lost interest in playing games on my iphone. What do you think of Friendship games and the other movies?
    Dang... I remember getting a shiny Bagon over the GTS in Pearl, but I thought it would break the game if I kept it, so I traded it back. Lol, so much for being a collector myself.

    Dem graphics, too. Seems like it makes the most out of the Wii U's capabilities. Everything about this game looks great jesus why can't time go faster? Been looking forward to games since last year..
    Is that throughout all generations of games? I've only begun doing some shiny hunting in AS along with the shiny charm. I got shiny Treecko, Aron, and Bagon through Masuda Method.

    I'd also like to see a better world, hopefully Zelda for Wii U provides that. I'm reminded of the open world for Xenoblade X, and it looks friggin' amazing.
    :0 Lucky! I found a shiny Shinx in Pearl while EV training a Gible at one of the beginning routes. I traded it to my Alpha Sapphire as Luxray. It's the only shiny mon I got purely by the 1/8192 ratio before they raised it in gen 6.

    That'd be nice. There may not be any differences in-game, but at least I can play as a girl a girl's body than a girl in a guy's body, hah!
    Oh nice! I remembering keeping some of my mom from 3rd gen in my file of XD.

    Makes sense... It would be good to have that option. She also has a different fighting style so that would be a nice change. Maybe she could also fight alongside Link in a future game
    Yeh, I bought a used Silver cartridge some time before HG/SS was announced and finished the game. I died out shortly after *sobs* All in teh past...

    I think Linkle's alright. Heard she is supposed to be Link's younger sister, though I initially thought of her as merely a female counterpart.
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