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    The three are the perfect shiny Absol, a male shiny Vulpix and a male shiny charmander I got for you forever ago. And I can't trade directly over to my sis because we only have one DS between us.
    Could you help me trade over a few eggs to her Silver? And plus I got three shiny babies I need to give to you, still.
    Hey homeboy heeey. I haven't heard from you in a while, but I'm on more or less daily lately.

    I need a bit of your help man, I need to get some eggs over to my sister's game.
    Alright, I hope we can meet up soon enough, good luck with that cyndaquil. I've been kinda erratic with Serebii lately, but I think I'll get better.
    Well, could you try breeding me a cyndaquil with Crush Claw?

    Also, I don't know when I'll be able to trade next since the black hole of my room seems to have swallowed my DS powercord and my DS is all out of charge,
    Alright, I understand! Just calm down and try making an outline first, decide what you want to say... Good luck, homeboy.
    I'm gonna roll for your absol again, anything else you want me to try to get?
    Also I've been having /terrible/ luck chaining lately. Chained Absols, Pichu and Nincada, couldn't get to twenty.
    I rolled several times and got pretty unlucky with the adamants. None of them were the right ability and most weren't the right gender.
    Well, how about something to cheer you up? Want me to RNG anything? I can give it to you while it's still in the egg, even.
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