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  • Congradulations on the shiny starter, and sorry again for being missing. My school network has blocked this website, and now it's being quite slow, probably with all the gen 5 hullabaloo.
    Nah, while you're doing the full walking it doesn't make much noise except for the occasional beep.

    I have a school full of nerds, though, so I like showing it off.
    That does sound pretty annoying.

    And the pokewalker is pretty fun, since I walk every day or so. Now I can take one of my babies along and find stuff.
    I think you have to soft reset before the roaming pokemon begins roaming, like when you've first discovered it. Oh, and the Arceus event takes a while? Aw, bugger.
    I've already got a nice party going on Gold. Ah, this is silly fun. But hey, when you get yours, I'll be happy to pass along any eggs that you might need. I'll have to start RNGing if I want to get that Arceus.
    Not recently, no, but I did get Heart Gold last night. I'll probably start RNGing again, soon, I might need your help in sending some eggs over to my new game, though.
    Hopefully when I finally get Silver I'll be back in full force. Everyone at my school can be seen with Pokewalkers now. They seemed pretty gimicky at first to me, but it seems like they are loads of fun, and it'll be good since I've been talking a lot of walks around campus.

    And isn't shiny Registeel green? I always thought it was odd looking.
    You already got one of the HG SS? I feel so slow on the uptake, man, I still haven't got mine, or an Arceus.

    Yeah I haven't been on in a while, but I bet Serebii's been crazy.
    Sort of screwed up on my Shiny giveaway. I got caught up with schools and stuffs and couldn't get on. Now I have to contact everyone individually again.
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