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  • The process itself is a bit of a hassle unless you have masterballs (And I do now, yay~), but it would only take a few minutes longer than it would take to hatch an egg, unless you're picky about the natures.

    And I'm not really smarter than the system. Just a bit shiny crazed and with access to other smart people's work.
    Well, I suppose I shoulda told you about it before I offered the gastly, so I apologize for that. But do you think I should put it in my trade posts anyways? I'd feel odd listing it, though.

    So, um, in apology, would you want me to get you a shiny Eevee?
    Yeah, I have a few RNGed pokemon around. I'm a bit surprised you haven't heard of it. I guess not many people use it?
    -falls over- The RNG is the game's Random Number Generator, which determines everything about a pokemon. Using a certain method (and a downloadable calculator) it is possible to 'push' those numbers in order to hatch shiny pokemon. The main method of 'pushing' the numbers is to tap the Happiness Poketech application. There's no hacking involved, and the Pokemon are legit, but it's still debated on whether or not its cheating.

    That Gastly was an RNG pokemon.
    I'm thinking of going after one. I rather like the pink bow.

    But, I have a bit of a confession to make, regarding my shinies.
    I do chain a lot of them, such as the Seviper and the Electrike.
    But the level 1 ones that I hatched are 'forced', using the RNG Abuse method.
    Tch, yeah, that's the hassle with the DSis, I hear. Personally, I'd rather have the Dongle than the camera.
    Aww! But hey, a lot of people freehand off of the official art. I usually just use it as a reference. But even so, it took me until seeing one on PBR in 3D to realize that Sevipers do not have symetrical facial markings.

    I gotta redraw a lot of my comic now. xD
    Hee. I plan to debute it here on Serebii today, given that I can finish those laaaast two panels.

    I'd like to see your drawings, too. Do you have a DeviantArt Account?
    Ah, basically a Pichu with *mysterious origins* that travels around Hoenn, meets up with a lot of friends, and thwarts Magma and Aqua's various plans for world domination. She also dresses up like a super hero and is a bit too imaginative for her own good.
    We should set up a Shiny exchange program, then~

    And maybe I'll pass you a Perfect Absol (tm) after my breeding Project's gone well.
    Yeah, I got that one off another trade. I don't do much EV training save for my Shiny Seviper (the last one I kept for myself) but it's pretty fun to infect my party with pokerus and watch it spread around. xD
    I hatched the Gastly a while ago, trying to get one with a decent nature.

    So is that a fair trade for the Grimer and the Manaphy?
    Oh yeah, the Shiny Gengar is quite awesome. Personally I'm fond of the Gastly's blue smoke. But hey, I think you could get a better use out of this kid than I could. So would you like to trade for the Shiny Gastly and Electrike?
    I really like the art scene at Serebii. It's pretty fun with all the people!
    But here's hoping for some sunshine on your end, eh?

    And a Manaphy? Alright. So do you have a shiny Gastly? I had one of my favourite Haunters have a nice Timid Shiny.
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