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  • Long time no talk! I saw you were looking for a Dhelmise and I have bred the exact one that you are looking for! It is even in a Heavy Ball!
    Hey, sorry I keep missing you. Is there any particular time you're available to trade? I can usually get online anywhere from 2pm to 7pm, PST, whatever works for you. I can also do late nights if that works better.
    Hi there! Saw your post in the Event Thread and about the the Shiny Ho-Oh event yer looking for, comes at Lv. 50, not 30. (It's the PC Kyoto event listed in the event database and also I received it in person so I'd know haha.) I'd offer my own but seeing as you don't want clones we couldn't strike up a deal. Just wanted to let you know so you didn't get any hacks! c:
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