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  • Hey I got my cousin's Black game so I can trade whenever I see you online. My FC is 3740 3106 5643
    Hey Evan, I got all four of your requests done now. I guess you are still busy with stuff due to your recent inactivity, but message me when you come back and we can trade :)
    I was going to offer a victini RNG, but Dewey beat me to it. If there are any other variants you want, let me know. Note that if the victinis are given in entralink and not via a wondercard, I can't help you.
    hiya Evan :) i see that you have been busy with school as well XD just wanted to let you know that when this Victini Wi-fi event comes out in America I'm gonna try and RNG it and if it works like the Zoroark event did i can RNG you the Brave and Naive Victinis you want :) no promises though b/c this will be my second event RNG so im not sure if it will work the same or not, but im gonna try :D
    Heyo, sorry I've kept you waiting this long. Your Shroomish is ready for you, let me know when you come back. Also I know you've been wanting to learn to RNG so I should let you know about this: They've finally cracked standard seed RNGing for the DSi and 3DS, meaning anyone can now do non C-Gear RNGing. Check out the new RNG Reporter if you're interested.
    Hey evan, I've been busy, sorry it took me so long to reply, I have the dw female phanpy for you, I'd like this please:
    Nature: Careful | Gender: Male | Ability: Adaptability
    OT: twisted | ID: 26456
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVs: UT (Lv. 1)
    Current Moves: Wish | Curse | Yawn | Heal Bell
    Hmm I'm starting to think I didn't get that Heatran from you. It's shiny but non-flawless.

    But yes I fully intend to finish our trade deal (Deoxys-D, Manaphy, Giga Drain Ghastly for Disable Ghastly, Larvitar, and Porygon2, correct?). I can't trade until Tuesday your time though since I'm home for Thanksgiving (no wifi). Also next week I'll probably make another stop at your shop for some stuff for our clan's shop.
    I've got your Bronzors and nothing else. This past week, I have been resting for my final exams in two weeks, sometimes sleeping 14 hrs a day factoring naps. When I was awake, I was watching movies or with family. More excuses basically, but I think you'll understand. I have a plethora of potential rotom seeds waiting for when I get a chance.

    As for other requests, I went through your shop and noted everything I might possably want:
    Stealth Rock Uxie
    Jolly Tornadus
    DW Timid male nidoran
    DW carvanah

    Note that I will only accept these on the terms that you get some "IOUs" in return, and don't try to give me the above for free. I'm not sure what I can get you, but I won't try till after finals, when I will be truely free from stress and responsibility for a month, like 99% of the users on this site, so I assume.

    Anyway, you can have your bronzors later if you want them. Again sorry for the delay.
    - Metang, Adamant, OT: Sky
    - Togetic, Bold, OT: Sky
    - Hippopotas, Careful, OT: Sky
    - Glibe, Adamant, OT: (Japanese)
    - Heatran, Quirky, OT: Sacha (level 99)

    Double-checking because I plan on adding these to our clan shop, so I want to make sure they're full-redis
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