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  • BTW I'd like to check on the redistribution policies on some of the mons you traded to me (mostly ones no longer listed).
    XD You still have some legendaries that I want but i will stop trading for now as I need to finish some pending trades from the other forum and I also need to speed up my RNG stuffs. I have so many thing that I want to RNG you know :)
    I just remember
    I took all of them down so basically, they are no longer on my thread
    Just post non-redis for me please
    I do not remember as well lol XD
    you can just put non-redis atm, I do not mind. I think the site is down for now XD
    That's easy for me; only need one seed. Anyway, I'll let you know when I have more stuff ready, unless you want the 1st bronzor now.
    I could have had the lot plus others if I had put down MW3... Anyway, I've hatched bronzor #1 and am hatching eggs for the second. I offered hp fire and ice rotoms of any nature; i think you said a timid ice and a modest fire, but i dont recall
    I'm back in town for thanksgiving, and am just starting your order (thank MW3). I won't try to to downplay my laziness; taking this long is extremely unprofessional and I do apologize. By the time you log on, I'll have the bronzor. Also, do you want a nicknamed bronzor (Dootakun), and which rotom did you want timid and which one did you want modezt?
    If we're looking at all genders, I would say my Female Hydreigon. I managed to get 31 IVs in HP, Def, Sp. Atk, and Speed while it got a Timid nature. It's Sp. Def is also around a solid 23. I actually got another male Deino with the same set-up and a Modest nature and both have Dark Pulse, but I don't know what I was on at that time because now I don't know where it is. It may have either gone to my dad's game or I was dumb enough to delete it since I didn't know I could get wi-fi at the time.

    Honestly, if it's only Males, the breed I'm proudest of as far as future breeding is concerned is my male Druddigon. It managed to get 31 IVs in HP, Atk, Def, and Sp. Def just like my Mach Punch Conkeldurr. This really opened some new breeding possibilities for me in the Monster and Dragon breeding class. I would want to be proud of the Eelektross, but it turned out Female, which is a shame because it could have been really useful for pokemon in the Amorphous group.
    I normally manage to get perfection in the stats they are going to use. I have a bit of a obsession with balance, so I'm always trying to make the defensive IVs good enough to where they can survive hits they need to take. In other words, they'll get the IVs they need and good natures to go with them. As far as the other IVs are concerned, they will at least have 20+ for all the other ones that they need and in some cases, I'll go for making the IVs high enough to where they can take down specific pokemon or survive specific attacks at the least.

    Put simply, I'm not going to do anything like let a Weavile have 31 IVs in Attack and Speed and not care if the rest are 10 or under or something like that. That's how I work.
    Sure. I will trade you a phanpy. I will have to do the trade on Sunday though since I am going to be leaving to go out of town shortly. I will contact you when I get back and we can do the trade for a dw female phanpy then.
    I never really answered your question, did I? Yes, I have a lot of pokemon that I IV trained and if I don't have what you want, I can get it quickly.
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