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  • I normally train for doubles, but I can get one for singles quickly.

    BTW, after I looked at the Eevee you wanted, I ended up spotting a few things. If I had to guess, the reason why you want the DW Eevee w/ Timid and HP Electric is because you plan on turning him into a Vaporeon w/ Hydration that works as a special sweeper, but you mainly want it so you can mass produce Magic Bounce Espeons if the OP is up to date. That's the feeling I'm getting at least.
    Singles like Smogon, VGCs, or both? I can help a lot with the team if it's VGCs, and despite my specialties, I have a bit of experience with Singles as well.
    The reason why I'm so obsessed with getting this Heatran right now is because I need to get ready for VGCs. You can see the team by clicking this link. I need to replace the Bisharp and unlike most other people who are blessed with perfect legends and being a magnet for shiny pokemon, I don't really have that luxury.

    Just an idea, it might help to have a non-shiny section for the people who are just focused on the competitive side and can't really afford to get flawless legend shinies like you can.


    You know Spuk!? I ended up making a trade with him a few weeks ago for a near-flawless Latios. I'm really thankful for what he did to help my team.
    Well, isn't there anything that you want? Hmm... When I think about it for a minute, I have a Female Modest Eelektross with a max power HP Ice and 31 IVs in all stats except Speed. I can give it to you after I make an egg for my friend, NACHOE!. Would that be okay? I really want that Heatran.
    Sorry about that, but now that I'm here anyway:

    I don't have any shinies, but I do have a male Chandelure w/ Heat Wave and at least 3 DW Female Eevees (4 if you count the Timid Espeon w/ HP Ice that I have for personal use, but I could trade that). Would it be all right if I traded you the Chandelure and Eevee (or Espeon since she didn't work for my team) for that Modest Heatran with HP Grass?
    What do you want for the Modest Heatran? I'm really interested in it.

    I don't really have any perfect legends because I've never really focused on that sort of thing, but I can get my hands on pretty much anything else.
    lol its ok, thats the whole reason i asked you is because you know more about the meta game battling scene then i do XD I was aiming for hex flawless and i got the HP Water, this one was just a mistake XD. Honestly i have no clue where the two 30 IVs came from, no pokemon has an IV of 30 and RNG reporter said it was suppose to be straight flawless. Honestly though i was hesitant on keeping it any way, a drop in speed and special attack on a special attacker? horrible combination :p I'll keep it though b/c someone might like the idea but at least i have 2 flawless parents to RNG with now XD thanks for the advice :D
    I'll take:


    Nature: Modest | Gender: N/A | Ability: Levitate
    OT: Grissy | ID: 54035
    IVs: 31/30/31/30/31/30 (HP Fire 70)
    EVs: UT (Lv.1)
    Current Moves: Shadow Ball | Volt Switch | Hidden Power | Will-O-Wisp
    hey Evan, what do you think about a Shiny Flawless 31/31/31/30/31/30 HP Water Modest DW Bagon? it was suppose to be hex flawless but for whatever reason i got this instead. Your more into competative battleing then i am so i figured id ask your opinion, do you think HP water is useful? I gave Bagon Hydro Pump as an egg move so water is kinda covered, but what do you think? full details of the Bagon are in my sig in case you want more info, but i just wanted to ask and see what you thought XD
    Just so you know, I probably won't be able to trade anytime soon. My mom's apparently officially decided that video games are bad, so... xD
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