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  • Hey Eventgod! I should be online pretty much all day today starting in about 2 and a half hours. That's around 8:30 or 9:30 PM your time. Will you be available?
    I'm sorry, I don't know what that means o.o If you're saying some aren't legit, idk about that. I didn't get them all myself. Sorry if some of them maybe disappointed you.
    Thanks, that's very kind. I discovered it's something else that's wrong with the codes. They DO work, but they're Gengar event codes :O Instead of Diancie. I can still use these. Sooo... yeah. It's alright I guess, not the exact ones I wanted, but ayt. You can keep the Pokémon I traded you ^^ Thanks for your offer, though!

    A while ago I had a big trade with you, I traded like 9 Pokémon for 9 Diancie codes you had. Only 2 of them worked, though. The message "This code is incorrect" keeps popping up when they're entered in X/Y games of different people. I sent you a message before about it and you said you didn't know any better either, which I really believe. I kinda let it go back then because it was just one or two codes that didn't work. But now I have 7 that don't work at all, and I traded 7 Pokémon for it :/ I'm really bummed out by this and I think it would be fair if I could get something in return, so I didn't throw away all those Pokémon. If you perhaps have any other codes, that do work, that would be amazing too. I'm really hoping for your understanding in this. Thanks in advance.
    15th anniversary rayquaza is japanese only event. if it's in another language it's a hack
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