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  • hey, how are you?
    oh hi!! i'm doing really well - my semester ended a few days ago :D how are you friend? i haven't been lucky as of late. last shiny found was a month ago. an di'm juggling multiple hunts too!
    Good luck! I'm not bad, just focusing on my mental health and reclaiming Growlithe.
    Good luck with Buneary! You can do it :) I know the feeling..on Black 2 I had charm and MM, which meant my odds were 1/1024. Growlithe still took 3,300 eggs to hatch. Hope you get a pink bunny soon!
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    Thank you!! Yeah I'm going a bit insane over this hunt. I really shot myself in the foot thinking this MM hunt would be quick and easy... Currently about to hit 2050 eggs!!

    How's Lapras treating you? :)
    On 30,700 srs now! I haven't posted it yet, but I actually got a completely random shiny two days ago! I was training my new Zangoose on Route 114 in Ruby, and I found a random shiny Seedot! I've decided to stay there now and hunt for Swablu, as I want one for my team, so Wynaut a shiny one? :p. My Zangoose Scar was level 18 two days ago, now he is level 50 lol.
    Salut! Il était longtemps^^

    Comment ça va?
    Salut Colton! :D Je vais bien. Désolé si ça fait longtemps que tu n'as pas reçu de mes nouvelles. Je ne me présente plus sur le forum comme avant... J'espère que tu vas bien! Je te vois souvent sur Splatoon 2! Saches qu'à chaque fois que je vois que tu te connectes, ça me fait sourire! :)
    *Le grand dragon temporel dit "bonjour" au zèbre électrique :3*

    So far, I find the single-player mode so much more enjoyable than that of Splatoon 1. I still haven't tried ranked battles or salmon run yet, however. My main weapon is the Splat Roller.

    Wanna add each other on Switch so we play Splatoon 2 together? My FC is in my sig.
    Ne t'inquiète pas, mon ami. :)

    Quelle coïncidence! J'ai rempli le Pokédex et j'attends Pokémon Bank aussi! Je suis déçu d'apprendre que quelques Mega-Gemmes ne sont pas disponibles dans le jeu. Je veux mon Mega Gardevoir et Mega Manectric! :(

    Kirlia chromatique, hein? C'est joli!
    Your order is ready for trade. Please let me know (through PM) when you'd like to trade.
    Yeah, it was a long time ago!
    I appreciate how you feel, sure, and I am grateful for that. I feel like nothing has even changed between us in the time since we last spoke, if that makes sense! It's good to be chatting like this.

    Guess what I've been doing? I have been playing Animal Crossing again for a bit. I'm addicted to it again and I've started collecting the cards and things like that. It made me think of your town.

    How do you like working at the pharmacy? Yeah, I remember the god awful beach place. Haha!

    Oh, how did you fail your driving exam if you don't mind me asking? I almost failed mine. It was terrifying!

    Well, in regards to the whole tumour thing ... well, it was benign, it was the size of a marble and it was under my ribs. They showed me what it looked like when it was taken out and it was a red ball thing. It didn't look gross or anything but it was really weird, especially considering I haven't had any indication as to why I ever had one in the first place. I know bodies are weird things but I eat well, drink only water and I exercise. So, not really sure why it's there. And now I have a scar. And sure, I have other random scars from random things over the years over my body, but this is this biggish red one. I hope I don't sound ... incredibly selfish or whatever, because other people have lost limbs and things, but I just feel strange about it. I'm getting blood tests and I had an ultrasound and stuff. But oh well!

    I have Sun AND Moon, and I have my first shiny! I was contemplating posting about it.

    I am loving Sun to bits. It's amazing. I'm neglecting Animal Crossing and Yo-kai Watch, though...
    Mr Everlasting now, hmm???

    I am so awfully sorry. I am a terrible human being.

    In the back of my mind I thought over and over that I needed to visit Serebii soon, but it just kept on going on and on and I put it off and off.

    Anyway, I'm here.

    How are you? I hope you're okay.

    In truth, I've been so busy with work and life. And I've had a tumour under my ribs, too. That was pretty scary!

    Anyway, I hope you're well and playing Pokémon when you can!

    Take care.
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