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  • Ahh, sorry for the terribly long wait for a reply, I only really visit Serebii forums for the General Shiny forum so I haven't been online since I got Wartortle, excuse me for being rude! :O
    It's okay! I plan to go back to my honey tree hunt once I beat the Elite 4, I just decided while taking a break from hunting on Platinum that I'd lost motivation and I really wanted to just... Play the game. So after being afraid of quitting for a few months (I figured it'd be a waste since I already had a shiny Monferno) I decided to just go for it and end my Badge Quest. It's actually a huge weigh off my shoulders to be able to concentrate on Black 2 and partly SoulSilver. During my 11 month hunt for Sandile (ahhh it's so close to June!) I've found 14 shinies on others games, 12 being from Pokémon X haha~ X and Y really does rain shinies!

    And I LOVE Tangled, it's my favourite Disney Princess movie so far! But I've only seen it twice myself... But I definitely know what you're talking about! I got into Avatar The Last Airbender (a cartoon, as opposed to a movie, but still!) a couple months ago and I've already watched it 3 times, and I'm half-watching it a 4th time now. I've been playing it in the background while I sort out my Pokémon trading cards.... I'm kinda addicted I think, heh heh oops!
    I fully understand if I sound crazy now @¬@
    That's quite alright, Max! I feel the same way, but we all have lives and things, so we shouldn't feel too guilty about it. (Even though I still do!)

    Thanks for the congrats! The purple is really nice, that's for sure! And even the darker grey looks cool, too. It looks like the normal version looks washed out now or something.

    Shaymin and Magnemite really need to get their acts together. And yeah, come on, Magnemite, be the first phase!

    I am really sorry to hear about your unlucky games and it makes me wish there was something we can do to help, but they can be so fickle.

    I don't know if you've seen my latest post, but I always get worried that people will hate me or think something negative. I don't have anyone else to share my successes with, and I'm not bragging, but I just want to share my excitement with someone.

    How is Flipper, anyway?
    I don't even know what I want next >.<
    Maybe I'll go for something in Ilex Forest next, like Oddish or Paras to help with catching pokemon :p
    I hate phases, too. Don't get me wrong ... I love that I got two Piloswine so quickly. But now Metang is being stubborn. Okay, yes, I get that people go months without a shiny. I get that. I am just saying that to get these two so quickly, and now it's starting to look dry again. Okay, I better stop! I might sound ungrateful or something!

    I noticed you stopped the Bouffalant hunt. I'd love to see you with a shiny Shaymin. I have my own Shaymin, but I didn't hunt for a shiny. It's one of my disappointments with myself. I could have hunted for a shiny Shaymin or a shiny Darkrai, but I ended up sending my game to Jessara for her to get a Darkrai registered in her dex or something, and she caught mine in a Premier Ball, but I missed out on the opportunity of ever getting one now that GF seems to enjoy just handing out events and not actually make them an encounter in game. And it also looks like all legendaries wont be shiny anymore, huh?
    Awesome, thanks again!

    That was like our dog. She would only listen to my brother and never to me. It was frustrating, so I know how your bro feels!

    I just looked up Bouffalant again to refresh myself, and the shiny is really quite different. It's one of those deceptive ones that you think don't change much, but they really do. Here's to hoping the hunt is a quick one, huh?
    Lol, Max! That made my day, really. Thank you. I feel happy that you've said that. Candy, huh? I try to make my posts interesting and it just feels nice to know that people are reading it, let alone enjoying what I say!
    Sometimes I feel so repetitive, but there's not really much you can do about that. I mean, there's only so much you can do while hunting. I can't easily say I was hunting while I was skydiving or something, can I?!
    Also, I like to explain what I was doing because otherwise there's no real context, and I like trying to share how I felt at the time.

    Puce, what a pain you are, you little brat of a cat! Yeah, it sounds like she was making the most of being outside and doesn't know her surroundings or her limits. I'm glad it turned out okay in the end. I don't have any pets, but I used to have a dog and I know how they're really family members rather than "just pets".

    Oh, sounds like a nice hunt. I've never done a repel trick hunt, either. So, are the encounters really quick or do they take a while to appear even with Illuminate?
    Heya, Max! You make me feel bad when you say things like that! :p Don't hold your breath for answers from me, okay? ;)

    What a shocking situation ... but wow, it's such a relief that everything turned out okay. I wonder what happened for that to happen ... whether Puce decided to wander off exploring and got lost, or what? I'm glad to hear she's okay. I bet she's looking content and relieved.

    It's actually four shiny Pokémon now ... yep, I got a shiny last night and one today. I'm not a cheater, I swear!!!
    Heh, I started Black 2 originally, then decided to do Platinum and SoulSilver (for fun more than anything) but then decided to drop Platinum, as mentioned, because during my nearly year long hunt for Sandile, I decided that 3 was too many. It didn't seem so bad originally because I got 3 shinies in Black 2 and 1 shiny in Platinum in a couple months. I was wrong X3
    SoulSilver is still on the starters and Black 2 is on Sandile (4th shiny). Platinum was on the 2nd badge shiny before I quit it, which I never got of course! My teams (for my Badge Quests, I guess?) is Servine, Tranquill and Herdier on Black 2, and nothing on SoulSilver... Hopefully a Totodile soon though, if I'm lucky.
    My current hunts are Sandile (26,000 something RE's, it's in my sig), Johto Starters (lost count, but around 1000 SR I think) and random friend safari hunts when I can be bothered, not counting encounters though. And I have been on Serebii/Shiny Hunters thread since July! But that's when I last got a Badge Quest shiny, which was my Pidove. Since then, Sandile, Johto Starters nor my old Platinum hunt (Honey Trees) never gave me any results. So my Badge Quests have been dormant for almost a year! I did miss the loss of Kyogre and your cat though, sorry for your losses and congrats on re-finding Kyogre! That must have been amazing!
    I hope this comment makes sense. I tried to answer everything but it got a bit tangled and it's 2am, haha, oops. I'm off to bed I think!
    Heya Max! Just thought I'd send you a message.

    How are the hunts going?

    I've been really thinking about what my next hunt will be. In the meantime I've been hunting on Y, my Badge Quest game. Not that it's a BQ game anymore considering it was completed ages ago, but yeah ... I've found two shinies in the last two days. It's funny, it's like I'm hunting while deciding my next main hunt, and I'm still getting shiny Pokémon!

    Lol, yeah, Dry Skin Hilton. She doesn't even bother to moisturise. The leathery old thing! She has served me well and did help out as much as she could considering the circumstances, but I do know she had her issues, too. However, my luck held out through my hunts and I've caught them all, and there's not really any other legendary that I think I need to stress over. If I go for Palkia or Dialga, their catch rates are quite a lot higher than any other legendary, so I wouldn't be fretting so much.

    I've been talking to Storm and I've sort of wanted to try to go for a shiny Raikou, but that would be such an awful experience, I think.

    Hope you're well. Take care!
    And you wanted Clemont to have a heart attack about that

    Thank you for the reassurance. Ireally wanted to make sure before I got too far into a hole. Though my Japanese ditto was caught in the Giant Chasm in Black and it has a Japanese dex entry. Or is that because the Chasm is only accessible post-game in Black and ditto isn't in Black's Unova dex?
    I remember you too! Hello! I'm great thanks for asking, how are you? I've gotten real unlucky with my BQ's recently (and by recently I mean since last July oops) but it does feel good to finally move on in Platinum. With Sandile being a pain, it's nice to be able to drop my Platinum BQ and get Porygon, and now I can move on to SoulSilver which was always the one I wanted to do most anyways... Still continuing Black 2 though! Thanks for the congratulations, congrats to you too for whatever you managed to get while I was gone! I might try and post in the thread more, but at the very least I'll be back when Sandile shines. Gotta keep updating on this eternal badge quest!
    Yes I used to be Cocoadragon here but Serebii would never let me sign into that account, after changing the password several times I just gave up and made this account. It's very nice to meet you I see you on the forums every now and then not knowing who you were I kept to myself but you have some pretty amazing shinies. Weren't you the person who got that Kyogre? Congrats if that was you it's an amazing shiny! Thanks for the sub it means a lot to me and yeah the Starly was an upset but I won't quit on this hunt no matter what! Good luck with your hunts and it was very nice to meet you.
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