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  • Well, you've literally shocked me ... well, not literally. I'm not full of electricity or anything. I just did not know I had found so many.

    Yeah, I reckon you should try a fossil hunt at least once. See how it goes. Like you said, you'll be in the mood for it one day.

    Yeah, I've been super training them as I've caught them. Other than the horde ones. I haven't touched the five I caught all on the same day, but Melody, the Exploud, is trained.
    I usually change my character's outfit every around 2 weeks, I get bored easily :p
    Saw your post in the Trainer Customization thread. You want to see what the others players are wearing? Well, here's mine :p
    Heya! Wow ... Umm, THAT MANY?! That's nuts. I didn't even count them or anything, so I appreciate you doing that. I can't get over that. But yes, that's all of them. I was so slack with posting them and then it got a little overwhelming. Now I can see why! Thanks so much for reading it all, by the way! I appreciate that. Your VM inspired me to finish my post, by the way.

    Congratulations for Gastly! I think the name you chose was great!

    Fossil hunts are fun! Spend a bit of time collecting as many fossils as you want from the cave, then get a full party and save in front of the man who will resurrect your fossils. Then just sit there pressing A over and over until he has revived all of them, then have a look through your boxes and see if you can see a red star anywhere. You could SR 30 boxes of fossils if you wanted to ... and were crazy enough to!
    No problem!
    Umm, I believe it will be Drifloon or Spiritomb on Platinum. However, they'll have to wait until I get the Lake trio. And before I get Azelf (the first of the trio), I'll be polishing off a few other hunts...including Petalburg Woods, Glittering Cave and Route 1 (for my reclaim of Lillipup).
    Dang, you are quite lucky right now! Big congratulations to you on Blueberry, I'm jealous. Speaking of ghost types, I'll have to plan something to hunt a ghost type.

    You didn't need my help with nicknames after all xD
    I then started hunting Rayquaza immediately after, dual hunting on both of my DSes. Despite this, he didn't appear too quickly. But he did appear much quicker that Kyogre. After a few days, I was sitting in bed and I saw his black form on my right side 3DS! I began shaking, and rightly so. This battle was the most stressful shiny battle I have ever had. All of my other shiny legendaries: Kyogre, Groudon, Mewtwo, Latias, Latios ... they were all caught in balls other than MasterBalls. I don't like MasterBalls too much. So, I prepared myself for a battle and a half. It seriously lasted over thirty minutes. My hands were sweaty. I hated his moveset. It's just ridiculous. It's set up to be awful to capture. Ancient Power giving it stat boosts, Rest keeping it healthy, Air Slash flinching and STABing, and Outrage confusing it. The most frustrating thing was that I had 7 Dusk Balls shake three times, but each and every time he broke out. In the end he backed me into a corner. He was in the red, confused, and it was possible that if he didn't use Rest, he might KO himself from confusion. He was asleep at the time, so I was scared he'd wake up and KO himself instead of shaking off his confusion. So I reluctantly used a MasterBall. The important thing is that I caught him! He's so beautiful, but all three of them are perfect in my opinion!

    I had amazing luck with those three, though!
    Well, then it was on. I thought, "Hmm, I would really like to have my own shiny Rayquaza. But I need to capture Kyogre first. Do I hunt for a shiny Kyogre or do I just catch it?" To tell you the truth, I didn't really feel like I desperately wanted a shiny Kyogre like I wanted the other two. However, I decided it would be nice to have the trio shiny. So, I set to work beating the Kanto gyms in Heart Gold. It took about a day to gain access to Red and defeat him and then get access to Kyogre. Then I started hunting. After a week and 1 day of hunting Kyogre, I had just gotten home from visiting my family and decided to settle in to hunting again. A purple whale scrolled across the screen half an hour later! It was really amazing because it just goes to show that the shiny can appear at any time. And you don't even have to be hunting for hours before the shiny finally appears. He took three heavy balls to be caught. He has a Careful nature and he's silly and impetuous. Don't know how that works together! Being silly, impetuous AND careful all at once? Haha.
    Aww, cheers. Yeah, it was pretty fun to chat and to visit each other's towns. I miss those times!

    I think that gen 4's sparkles are very addictive. I love that they sparkle each and every time that the ball fails. Why they stopped that I don't know ...

    Yeah, my Kyogre ... I don't know if you want to hear the story ...

    Okay, so I decided I wanted to get a shiny Groudon. I love Groudon, and I thought it was about time I got one. So, I set about working towards getting access to Groudon on Soul Silver and realised that I didn't have much to do to actually get access to him. I just had to talk to Oak. So, I set off, parked myself in front of Groudon, and started SRing, expecting to be there months. Well, imagine my surprise when an hour and a half later, just as I was settling into bed and I was listening to a song ... I watched a yellow Groudon moving across the screen. It was immediately noticeable due to the distinct colour difference, and I began to shake immediately. I could not believe it. He didn't take much to capture, either. Only took four Dusk Balls.
    Hello! ^_^
    I have seen you around on the shiny thread and I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You totally deserved the Kyorge! I'm so happy it shone for you again! Congrats again! See you around! :)
    I'm not too sure ... but I do know that I got a job and I was pretty busy with that. I know it's not much of an excuse as we all either have school or work, but I do know that I didn't spend much time on Serebii other than reading through the thread.

    I'm really proud of you that you actually jumped straight back into it, you know? It would be really easy to just want to stop and leave it for a while. I love his name, too. And that pic of him smiling, too ... pretty hilarious!

    Yeah, I do have a fair amount. I'm not even sure what the exact amount myself is. And I actually got my own shiny Kyogre, too! But I couldn't think of any good nicknames for him/her, so I left it as Kyogre. I also got Groudon (I could not believe that "hunt". He appeared shiny within an hour and half!) and Rayquaza (That was a crazy stressful battle!) in HGSS.
    YAY!!! Flipper looks awesome! I bet you're shocked he appeared again so quickly! Congratulations!

    Shiny Pokémon work in mysterious ways sometimes.

    Also, there's no need to thank me for anything, I was just showing my support! But thank you, anyway. :)

    I feel bad because I haven't kept in contact with anyone and I'm slowly working on my post with all my shiny Pokémon I've caught in the time I've been absent from the site, but it is a taking a bit of time due to my being slack!

    Anyway, good luck with any future hunts~! Take care.
    That's great that you not only found, but successfully reclaimed Kyogre so fast! Congrats! And good luck on your future hunts :)
    Yeah, it's great that things managed to work out perfectly in the end. Who knows, maybe it wasn't an insanely lucky coincidence?

    I actually don't know. I love getting these competitively viable MM shinies in Y, but those end so quickly, so I don't know about another one yet. Probably not another SR hunt, since I tend to do a lot of those, so I might do a plain RE hunt somewhere. I'm not sure where, but Black or B2 look like good choices right now. B2 shiny charm hunts aren't that fast, so I might enjoy that. Maybe an older game (I've always considered FR), but I'll figure that out once Tornadus shines.

    Oh my god it's Female and Level 3...I'm gonna catch it now :p Only 134 REs!

    Blueberry is nice, but how about Raspberry for a male? Gengar always seems to be blowing raspberries in some sprites, and it kinda fits the cheeky nature of Gengar...but if you're keeping it a Gastly, apply what I just said to Gastly instead.
    Congrats on getting Kyogre back so quickly! Perfect that everything went just as it should have, too.

    I still don't want to weaken it too much. I've been able to catch legendaries before without weakening them too much, so I don't want to worry about it, at any rate. I've always preferred Thunder Wave over Hypnosis if only because of having to do it once. Sleep doesn't last all that long, so I don't want to put it back to sleep all the time, even if boost the catch rate more. I'm not sure what type of Poke Ball I'll use, but I do have Dusk Balls I'll use if it's night time. Not sure if I have Nest Balls, though. Guess I'll just go with whatever happens to work.

    Hm, well I do like Claydol and Seviper a lot. Blaziken, Giratina, Latios, Cresselia, Galvantula, there are lots of shinies that I like.
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