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  • Excellent! Glad that you're raring to hunt, but try not to get burned out ^.^

    Don't worry, anything over a month (or a couple of weeks, depending on how much you hunt) is a long hunt really. Flipper took you long enough, and Giratina...well, that was an idiot. At least we both have the shinies we wanted.

    Speaking of reclaims, I'm trying to reclaim the Shiny Lillipup I traded away a while ago. Maybe this one will get Pickup. I got it randomly when I was going to EV train a Terrakion, but first encounter was shiny :D

    Good luck on Gastly!

    SO glad to see you got Kyogre back! I let out a wee gasp when I saw the post xD

    You deserved Flipper in the end, and you chose not to give up either! Congratulations, and well done on getting a Modest shiny 'ogre too :D
    That's normal, so I don't blame you. The end of school comes so fast, and then suddenly a ton of important decisions get thrown at you. If you take it one step at a time, you'll get through everything just fine. I know it's tough when time doesn't know how to slow down, though.

    Yup, and Thunder Wave, since I tend to prefer Thunder Wave for accuracy and not having to deal with the 1-4 turn sleep counter. Yeah, it was at half health, but seeing it struggle down to 25% was still terrifying. And oh right, something happened to your games, didn't they? I forget what, but still, that Kyogre better show up soon.
    Yeah, it's nice enough to be significantly different, but not too clashing of a color change. For me, it depends on the shiny. If I like how the colors suit the Pokemon, then I like it. I don't have a specific type of shiny I prefer the most. But I do have a bias towards Hoenn shinies, so I guess there's that.
    Hey, I just caught up on all the posts in the Shiny Thread and then I red your post about you losing your cat. I'm so sorry to hear that. I know exactly how you feel.
    My dog passed away last summer he was 9, almost 10 and I've known him for more then half of my life...so yeah that was a really sad moment especially because he passed away just before I graduated. (The worst part was that I had said multiple times: "I will be giving you a nice big hug and treats whenever I get my certificate" ... I never got to do that...)
    His picture now has nice place next to my certificate. :) I still miss him sometimes, he was my best friend. :)
    Anyways my condolences and I hope you will feel better soon. :)
    Oh no, I sure hope it's faster than that. Yeah, time is going by fast. It feels like I just started college yesterday, and the second semester is almost half-way through already.

    I like Stealth Rock on it, since most Pokemon don't get it without a tutor. And Recover is the best. Yeah, I bet it was very exciting to see it come out. Hopefully you get it soon, and hopefully the sync works again. I'm using a Watchog for Tornadus, so I'll be using a Super Fang or two. After Rayquaza and Groudon, I'm too nervous to bring anything down to 1 HP. Groudon even struggled and almost KO'ed itself. I also have my Master Ball still, in case things get annoying.
    Yeah, it is nice. The only thing that ruins it is all the hacked stuff caught in Master Balls. Otherwise it's just amazing.

    You can on simulators, but not in-game unless you arrange it with someone beforehand. But Cradily isn't exactly one of the greatest Pokemon around. So tiers help to make things more useful that would otherwise not be used in regular battles. That's the very place, but the event doesn't appear until you go on your way to Victory Road, so you can beat the game and then hunt it, like I am. I got shiny Kyurem on this file already too. Thanks, though!
    Yeah, they seem to be a good match. Then again, a Master Ball looks nice with just about any shiny legendary.
    Oh no, I'm not trying to accuse you of anything. You weren't inciting discussion, so it's not a problem. Though if you didn't know that before, then it's good that you do know now.

    It's great. I haven't used it much in battle yet because I want to wait for competitive tiers to show up, so I can use Cradily to its greatest potential. It's not so bad, though. You can set the page for Tornadus as select, so as soon as the event finishes, I just check that. It's not as bad as roamers in old games where you had to check them all in the wild first. Yeah, there's so much more the shiny hunting than getting the shiny. If it was just about getting the shiny, we would be RNG abusing for shinies.
    Yeah, I am. Thanks! And yeah, I read all about that. That sounds like it was absolutely terrible. Losing Kyogre must have added insult to injury even more, but I'm glad you're feeling better about things now. I wouldn't worry about the Master Ball thing, though. Long as you aren't discussing it too, since that's not allowed. I ended up doing something similar for some of my 4th Gen shiny legendary hunts since my Pearl file is just a mess with the worst garbage on it.

    Well, my most recent shiny was that amazing Storm Drain Lileep, and I'm proud of that. I've been hunting Tornadus for awhile now, but I've devoted my hunting time to that recently. It counts for the CH, so I've got no reason to not hunt Tornadus either. I'm not keeping track, but I'd like to see it shine sometime soon.
    Great to see that you are willing to go after it once more! It's totally fine that you're getting a Master Ball with an AR, I think you have every right to. I was kinda worried people would ask why you had no master ball, but fortunately no one did that xD

    Good luck!
    I do like it! You're welcome! I think it has 6 IVs, or so I recall. I love your profile picture and your avatar, I sure like May!
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