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  • I tend to post only in the anime section, shipping section, game sections, and entertainment section. I'm just so used to posting in those sections of the forum and it's rare for me to post in the other sections. I'm very methodical about where I post in general.
    Yeah I completely understand why people like to add something special to their shinies. For some reason it just never appealed to me though :p Thanks, and best of luck with Kyogre :)
    Well, if I can't catch it in a Pokeball (and if I don't fail it by hitting run, attacking with the wrong move, or miscounting the moves and letting it struggle :x), I'll just use the Masterball. And I guess I just like the consistency :p Since starters automatically come in regular pokeballs, they're the only kind of ball that at least gives me the chance to be 100% consistent. And I guess I just like the iconic aspect of them ;) Haha so I guess it just kind of became a thing after that!
    Thanks :)

    I do work, but my life isn't really that busy :p All my friends are in school (some in different cities or states), and some have jobs on top of that, so I don't really get to see them much except when they have breaks. So I'm pretty much left to my own devices, and being winter, I have plenty of time to hunt.

    I can do about 120-140 SRs in an hour, and lately I've been doing about 500 SRs each day (so a week would be about 3.5k SRs). I'm not really doing anything special, so I don't think I have any tips other than just continuing to hunt :p Good luck with your hunt though!
    Hey, thanks a lot :) I feel like I've come so far now that I don't want to give up :p Every time I reset the game I'm like: "This might be it!" heh xD
    I never really feel like I can say anything new on the shiny thread - I should probably write more than I do. I just like to keep people updated, for myself as well.
    Best of luck on Kyogre! You must already have put quite a bit of time into that. Hopefully you'll get it before 10,000 :)
    Honnetement, j'habite en Les Etats (ca c'est pourquoi je ne peux pas ecrire avec des accents), mais j'etudie le francais depuis quatre ans. Je ne peux pas le parler parfaitement. :p Enchante!
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