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  • Well, I believe it's possible, it would give people an easier time to win some battles. I know how you felt when you lost against Roark, the same happened to me before.
    Thanks for answering, your answer was great.
    That's a really interesting idea you've got there. I've always wanted my Pokemon to evolve during a battle, it definitely would help during hard battles. I hope that idea happens, because it's been wished for quite some time.
    Probably so, if not that, then it must be Focus Blast. I have no idea what that black hole move is. Some people think it's Nasty Plot, but it didn't have the question marks then the exclamation point. So, it can't be that.
    Yea, the name is doing now justice at all, but it's good that its name sounds really nice.
    Yes, the video was really nice. I enjoyed it, Trump Card and Swift look really good, but I had no idea what the other two moves were. If it were Flame Charge, it would have rammed into Hariyama, but about being a draining move. I have no idea. :/
    I'm really like Ninfia a lot, it's really cute. I fear that 5 or more Pokemon will catch my attention and I will have a hard time selecting my team, this always happens. I'm hoping it's a Flying type, but time will tell. I believe we will as well, the wait will be crazy again, but I'm okay with it. :p
    I'd die if something like that happened. I believe we might get more info on the region, the official artwork of the protagonists and see some new Pokemon. If we get something like their weight or height, I'd seriously dislike that. xD
    Yea, I noticed that. Which is why I'm not that hooked on it. She could be setting her goal on something else. We'll find out soon. If it would be fashion, the Pokemon Musical would be perfect for it, but I don't know if the writers would do it. They did Contests twice, but I'm not in love with Musicals to be honest.
    I like how she looks, I think she'll be an interesting character. But, I hope she handles another quest, like how May and Dawn did Contests. Awww, I love Bel. D: That is true, I do love Contests, but I have no idea what might be involved in this region. Since it's based off of France, there might be something fashion involved.
    Yes! I love things like that. But, what comes to mind is that they can't learn Earthquake. They're very powerful, but they can't learn a very common move. A blue jay would be very interesting. It's one of my favorite birds. A humming bird would be adorable. I hope it'll be smaller than Pidove.
    I'm just looking for an awesome design, like Staraptor's and an awesome movepool. It would be great to have a feminine bird Pokemon. Most people don't like the idea of having feminine Pokemon, but I love it.
    Ah i see, believe me i get what you mean. Because Misty and Gary are completely different characters who played different roles in this show, so im not really sure why some people compare this two acting like Gary is tied to Misty with his chances of coming back depending on her, and vice versa. That's ridiculous. To be honest its mostly Cyber who does this liking to spur up people and downplay importance this characters in this show had. Interestingly enough we never saw May being compared with someone else or anything remotely negative being stated about her.

    p.s. In reality im open toward any older character return with everyone playing valuable role in anime contributing to its popularity,. They all have material to offer more to pokemon and no one deserves to end up erased never to be seen again.
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