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  • Hi, i just wanted to say how i admire your passion for Gary because i liked him too and hopefully such a great character will appear again.

    Although to be honest Misty was ex main female protagonist so in a sense she was more important to series than Gary. Either way contrary to CC belief both of them will always have chance to comeback. Gary as first Ash rival, childhood friend and reputable prof. grandson will always have chance to come back. As for Misty since she was original, iconic girl i also wouldn't rule out her chances for return. Especially when writers left her story unfinished like water master dream leaving things unanswered about her future and current status at gym. Considering she always wanted to achieve something bigger finding E4 Lorelei to be her idol.
    I do as well. I love the regional bird Pokemon. I usually always love them, but I loved Braviary more than Unfezant. I wonder if they'll be powerful like Staraptor or fast like Swellow.
    Nah, I'd never suggest anything that crazy on it. xD
    Ahh, I really like your movesets.


    Nasty Plot?
    Heat Wave


    Nasty Plot

    It was kind of hard making the Fire one. xD
    Yea, her look looks like she knows the move already. xD There's so many moves I'd like to see her with. I LOVE Leaf Tornado's animation of much more than Leaf Storm, but when Leaf Storm got a new animation, I started liking it more.
    I hope that she learns Aqua Tail. It seems possible since Palpitoad learned Sludge Wave. But, your moves seem nice as well. Wring Out might be used with her vines though, so it might be possible. Glare is one of the moves that I've wanted for awhile, but since she has Attract, I don't know if she might learn it.
    Oh! I thought you meant during the League. Yea, Tstuarja's the only one not to have learned a new move. One can say she learned Leaf Blade prior to Ash and Trip's 5 on 5 match, but she probably already knew it.
    The only ones who haven't received a new move were Pikachu, Unfezant, Oshawott, Tsutarja, Boldore, and Scraggy. Thing is, those Pokemon that are mentioned were his first team in Unova except for Boldore.
    At first, it was only Iris and Dento who did. They said, if a Tsutarja doesn't find their Trainer worthy, they'll leave, so they've known about something like this. But, I do hope we'll see her's since we saw Pignite's.
    That I don't know. People said Dento could have been wrong, since that's his first time seeing her. But, usually Dento's right. I don't know what to believe to be honest.
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