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  • Yea, she was surprised for that to happen. Yea, that's the only flaw in the speculation. I wonder if that was in the original episode? But, I think it was still in both when Dento said she abandoned her old Trainer. But, since they brought up something like that, I'd like if they stuck with it and didn't drop it.
    Usually, I wouldn't have looked to into the opening and ending, but when most people kept saying that something may happen in them, I thought that something would. I got a little carried away though. I also think that that's a sign as well. Nothing new has happened to her, since Ash's 5 on 5 battle against Shooti. I do hope that the writers have something in plan for her. Oshawott gets the screen time, Pignite gets the battle time and Tsutarja gets the leftovers. But, I'm dealt with it long enough, I'm not mad at it. :/
    Haha, thanks a bunch. :3 I'm thinking she has a chance to evolve, the ending does sadden me, but like Ace said, they can change. People said that every time Dawn's Swinub evolved, they changed the opening, which is true. So, if they did it in the pass, they can do it now. But, about the episodes, her having big roles are kind of small now, but it's good she had a great battle against Riolu/Lucario. I'm still thinking about the Eevee Short movie that's coming in July. Tsutarja was always on the poster of the Shorts, I know posters can change, but I get the feeling that she'll evolve before July.
    I honestly have no doubts that they'll become anime-canon. They're already married in EToP ;D

    As a newly-turned IkariShipper, I have to disagree. But I understand where you're coming from.

    No, you see, they were friends back at Pokemon Tech and in the bike gang. They left the gang separately, apparently, but they'd known eachother and been best friends long before. It's likely that, since Jessie joined TR first, she got mad at him about something and left the gang.
    Really? :/
    Jessie/James, May/Drew, Ash/Misty, Dawn/Paul, and Pikachu/Buneary. Maybe Oshawott/Meloetta, but I couldn't do that to Piplup xD
    Oscar and Andie were a cute couple...Don't forget Butler and Dianne and Norman and Caroline xD those two were the only important characters with an actual romantic relationship .__.
    Think of how canonizing a popular ship would affect ratings and such, though! I'm nearly positive Jess 'n James will get together in the end, and that'll definitely attract viewers. If they did the same with other ships (Misty and Ash had SO much potential! Dx) then it would also be a good marketing move.
    That sure would be nice :) though I'm thinking that maybe they'll do an episode or Chronicle on May, Drew, Harley and Solidad in the Johto GF.
    I have a feeling that they'll come back (if only briefly). May came back in BD, and Dawn came back in BW (and is supposedly getting a cameo again in Episode N), so if they bring back contests in Gen6 like I hope, it's certain they'll reappear.
    I like you're sig of the sprites/teams of each main series Pokemon game, hope you don't mind but is it alright if you could make me one if i gave a list of the teams? :)
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