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    How are you doing today?
    Try not be too upset if you like Cheren and Bianca as they are in the pilot. I just don't know what else to do with them like that.

    I'm sorry.
    Chapter by chapter would be nice. Hope you have fun. I plan to make a newer version so that's just a pilot. Still, maybe you're comments will help with the next version.
    Sakarii, please forgive me. I have committed the most unforgivable sin. I have....changed my avatar here! *dun dun DUNNNNNN* I loved the Blue Pokeboobs ones but I honestly got tired of it considering how long I've had it now. XD; And if it helps, I at least replaced it with something equally great, our beloved Aloe! <3
    That's not to say I don't ever question it at least now and then but I tend to make a little deal of them outside of worse cases (which I'd rather not get into).
    P.S. Did you see my Manga vs. Anime thread? I'm interesting in your thoughts on the matter.
    That's all I wanted to know. I just get curious and interested in how people view something differently whether or not I can see eye to eye with them prompting me to ask.

    For me, even with the less-than-good (for lack of a harsher term) parts of Special, I still find it to be a good read when laying down and relaxing. Yes, that includes the Gen 1 and 2 arcs. It's good to discuss the series given my passion for storytelling but I like to just read it and enjoy it for what it's worth, flaws and all. That or I might've become a tad lax when it comes to questioning Pokemon.
    Don't take this question the wrong way but why do you bother with PokeSpe? I mean, I know you like moments of it but in your shoes, I would've left it well enough alone.

    I'm just curious as all. You don't have to answer but I'd appreciate it as I've been mulling over it for sometime.

    Thank you,
    Yeah, I was surprised too, although pleasantly so. XP I never had much of an opinion on Pryce, but you're right that he was kind of a crappy villain. Firstly: 1) "OMG! A Kanto or Johto Gym Leader who uses Ice Pokemon! I wonder who he could be?!" Seriously? -_- 2) "Pokemon are so tools of war! Haha!" A few volumes later... "I was lying when I said that! Pokemon are to be loved and cherished!" Okay? XD I didn't really like the GSC saga too much, which saddened me because Gen II was my favorite. I was hoping the HG&SS saga would redeem it a bit, and it could've, but I think they're rushing it far too much. :( I'm glad Lance and Giovanni are back though. I REALLY hope we get to see those two exchange some dialogue. It'll be interesting to see how two people Silver respects so much but who clearly hate each other (Yellow saga, anyone? XD) act around each other. :O

    LOL! That's okay. Take your time. I took forever replying to yours, and I took forever replying to this too. I'm so inactive. >_<
    Hmmm. Have you seen the end of volume 42 (I think it was)? That seems pretty awesome-worthy. XD I think were were talking about Japanese, too.
    Hi ^_^ Wanna be friends?

    Also, wanna check out the link in my sig? *curious*

    Cool profile pict ;3
    Oh! *sees it and fixes it* Thanks for pointing that out. :D I'm a bit surprised since I had copied and pasted it from a Wikia, but I guess either they had it wrong or when I deleted a couple of the other parts that t slipped in. ^^; Anyways, I'm glad you like it! And it does, which is why that memo always stood out to me. x3
    So, I finally got tired of my old sig and decided to make a new one. Thoughts? XD;
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