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  • Hey there buddy! I was wondering if you could help me with some Pokemon name changes? I think you said once that you can?
    Oh crap sorry about that stupid post my phone froze and I pressed it 2 times on the post message button but came up 5 times
    I guess it kind of make since to use that one you get (if you haven't used it) if you come across a shiny and don't want to accidentally miss it. Besides the masterball issue, your friend caught it themself? c:
    The 2 shiny jirachi I have I am 99% sure they are clones of an original haven't compared the 2 yet I only know they are both careful if yours isn't careful I could trade my jirachi for your jirachi and I could throw in a pokemon to sweeten the deal like what you did thanks again for that bro
    Yeah I have only gotten a careful shiny jirachi with some odd yet perfect (to me) IV'S 9, 9, 9, 8, 26, 8 so what nature is your shiny jirachi :)
    Nice for me I have begun a horrible, horrible search for shiny jirachi won't be a huge hunt because I am not looking for the stupid flawless shinies versions
    Thanks man and you were really willing to trade any of your shinies to help me find the one tyrogue thanks man :)
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