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  • yo man can you get me this following pokes

    brave bird adamant murkrow w/insomnia

    dragon dance adamant corphish

    nasty plot timid jynx w/ forewarn

    dragon dance adamant barboach w/ anticipation

    recover impish quagsire w/ water absorb

    i can rng breed any pokemon u want.
    I'm interested in:
    Head Smash Aron
    Recover Kecleon
    Recover Wooper

    I have iv bred magikarp, aerodactyl, treeko, zubat, rhyhorn, horsea

    if your interested in any of these I'll give more information on them or I can also breed other pokemon for u
    I'm from Eastwood, Sydney...it's bout 30min drive from Parramatta.
    I got to Good Games Burwood when I've got the AUD$7.00 (foor those US member's reading this, it's about USD$5.00) to play leauge.
    As for EVíng I'm just learing how to do it.
    Also you wouldn't happen to have an Extreem Speeding Dratini?
    If you need to flee coz of the Bush Fire/s.....plz do so ASAP.
    Alright, I might be able to find it by then I hate it when I lose my games.
    Ughh Im having a hard time Finding my game can we have are test battle a little later on today?
    Okay sure hang on let me just go get my platinum may take me about 10 minutes so just hold on a second heeres my fc 2535 9962 1544
    thx for the trade (and sorry for the disconnection thingy, It's my router I think. The same thing happened yesterday >_>)
    oh lol didn't realise you posted on your own wall, an aussie even better! :D
    and yeah we'll leave it to the hardcores, i look forward to battling you some other time
    Nah, I'm from Australia. Got a few mates from the UK tho. I tried reading some of these comics but their too confusing. I'll just stick to the movies haha
    'mates' u live in the UK? or am i readin into it too far :p
    yeah i didn't know there were like a billion series AND comics, its mental man
    haha yeah and my xbox gamer picture too :p u got any of the 'big boy' consoles? :p
    yeah i looooved em but apart from that i dont know much about transformers, i remember watchin armada back in the day but didn't really follow it
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