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Recent content by Evilo

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    Sunglasses Meguroco role

    The meguroco that ash is seen with is definitely not the same as the sunglasses one...since it's NOT WEARING SUNGLASSES and also is seen to be a bit of a fraidy-cat...which the sunglasses one is not. I'm going to speculate that Ash's and sunglasses will probably have some sort of rivalry if he...
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    Best Wishes : video spoils

    Yeah according to the GAMES, Belle, Cheren, and Black/White are teens, so I'm glad that it's apparently reflecting into the anime! It would be nice if they didn't de-age Belle and any other ingame characters that appear.
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    If Paul made a cameo in BW i beleive he should be the one to beat Shootie first.

    Agree. If anyone were to beat Shooti first, it should be Ash. The point of Ash beating Paul was to prove that he had progressed and gotten stronger....and then for Paul to come in and be like lolheyguyz and beat Shooti would throw all of Sinnoh's development as a Rival in the trash. Notice how...
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    Should Ash get a fossil pokemon?

    Well unless ash plans on rotating his party, he'll have a full team assuming he catches the pokemon that hatches from the egg. That in mind, fossil pokemon don't really suite ash that much anyways...especially since they're better used in plots where they talk about how they're now extinct.
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    I just want to say to the OP....if you think this way about Pokemon, you've obviously missed any to all morals the games are REALLY trying to express. It's about teamwork, friendship building, trust, and independence... Sure it involves fighting, but they're not brutally destroying each...
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    Pokemon best wishes [black and white] starters english name released...

    Guys I'm calling Marijguana for Tsuaaja. For real. Lol no seriously, I'm sure the names'll be fine, though I HAVE gotten more used to these ones than I did for the D/P/Pt starters. I'm excited to know what they're gonna be though!
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    Ash a winner?

    Well yeah, and that's all season 1...they've censored it A LOT since then, even in Japan.
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    Ash a winner?

    Oh yes. Ash a winner. This should be called Ash: A winner? That actually sounds pretty intense. It's beyond me why people take a kids show so seriously. Sure you can play the games however you want, making them less for kids and more for anyone...but the show? Yeah that's still for kids, it...
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    Obsession With Abused Fire Types?

    How do we even KNOW Pokabu's personality has been copied, it's barely done anything yet... People need to calm down about this whole "OMG ANOTHER FIRE/FIGHTING". It's getting old. Seriously Infernape was more of a copy of Blaziken than Emboar is of either. Anyways, on topic. I don't see...
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    Obsession With Abused Fire Types?

    At least they have interesting back stories...I mean mijumaru's back story is...being at the lab. Not as interesting as being abandoned. Besides, doing this just makes them easier to be developed. Everyone likes the story of an underdog succeeding. Pokemon isn't like most animes where each...
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    Will Iris get Charmander?

    Judging by this apparent trend...if ANYTHING she would be getting something from the Hoenn starters. May gets Bulbasaur and Squirtle, Dawn gets Cyndaquil, Iris gets -insert Hoenn starter here-. That makes sense to me....and if I had to make a guess, it would be treeko since he's reptilian...
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    How can Pokabu differentiate itself?

    Just an FYI, but opening a thread to AVOID complaints tends to DRAW IN more complaints....I know your intentions are good...but you know how people get. Personally, i could care less WHAT they do with Pokabu as long as they do something. He's my favorite of the three and YES he and an abusive...
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    Satoshi's definitely getting Pokabu.

    Hey look, Ash definitely got Pokabu! What I want to know is why fire type starters are always abused....It was sad seeing the poor little guy starved like that.
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    How do you Rank BW So far?

    It's WAY too soon to tell, but as far as first impressions are concerned, I am REALLY enjoying BW so far. It seems like they're planning to pay more attention to each pokemon's individual personality and give them a little more life....They made Pokabu absolutely ADORABLE. (though they seem to...
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    Where is mamepato?

    OH people, people...PLEASE. Everyone knows the starters are more important than the regional bird. Mamepato will show up once they need an aerial search or something and be used for petty things, or when the starters take a break. Personally, the birds are never way too interesting anyway...