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  • lets go with the vulpix. im gonna be out probably all day today(wendsday) so i dunno when i ll be home. let me know what times are good for u so we can trade
    Ummm.... LOL! I keep getting freaked out by your av. Anyways, poliwag, dratini, gligar, vulpix, exeggcute, kangaskhan, ponyta and tangela.
    its hard to say. if u got any starters from the other gens id take one. should be easy if u breed em. i wont say legends since those r rare. if u dont have then just make me a few offers and ill pick. ill give u oneeither way though so dont worry about that
    anything unique. like maybe a starter or something nice. im not really picky since my team is complete at this point. u can just make me an offer and we can do it.
    I'm interested in a male timburr with mach punch and drain punch... What would you want in return?
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