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Oct 21, 2016
Sep 18, 2007
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July 6

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Evilyn was last seen:
Oct 21, 2016
    1. Noctourniquet
      ehhhhh if you want to i guess. although right now i doubt there's very much point, and there probably won't be for a few months after the release, since i doubt people will appreciate your advice very much when they're generally all rushing to make teams and stuff.
    2. Noctourniquet
      hey guys when evan says he's not staying i think we should totally ignore him and convince ourselves that he's back and igrmt has a bright and shiny future ahead of it.

      @ your thread
    3. Noctourniquet
      lol fair enough i guess. i've taken to being invisible on msn and skype too recently though. it's weird.
    4. Noctourniquet
      heh, fair play. i have mine on atm for reasons i don't really understand. probably because i come online several times in the day on my phone and cbf to reply to all my threads and vms and shıt.
    5. Noctourniquet


      edit: wtf where is the invisibility cloak
    6. Noctourniquet
      absolutely care
    7. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Nah, you're fine. I don't mind it that much. AHH, I think my eyes got raped! That... is really weird. I don't think I could ever really do that; it takes an effort for me to abbreviate stuff in IM'ming and texting so I don't appear weird.

      Oh me too. My life's pretty boring right now. I' having trouble choosing what classes to sign up for next year though. AP biology, AP Music Theory, a literature class.... I just don't know.

      Ooh, cool. I concert for what? Ah, music... I'm really addicted to playing my flute and transcribing music in my head, but I know that's not what you mean.
    8. MKFC
      Haha, sorry I'm just the kind of person who sends out friend requests randomly xD

      So yeah, technically you don't know me.
    9. The Tail
      The Tail
      Yeah, I still listen to some bands that I considered 'good'. Others I look back to and wonder "did I actually listen to that sh*t".

      I guess somewhere in the middle of that :v

      Yeah the BEN one (you must always caps BEN). I've played MM once or twice a long time ago. I like Oot more :v

      Ew, I hate people who dress like that.

      Yeah eh.
    10. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Okay. I just saw everything lowercased and got confused. I've kinda turned into a grammar geek now and can't help correcting people ^_^; but I think I'll be able to curb myself on here so please pardon me if I annoy you about it.

      Haha, that's okay. I need to find a topic that isn't boring to come up with so we can keep a conversation happening for more than 5 messages.

      I guess I could start with the generic: How're you doing?
    11. Starlight Aurate
      Starlight Aurate
      Just curious: when did you let your grammar fly out the window?
    12. The Tail
      The Tail
      Actually, that was a major exaggeration :v I've seen you say it once or twice.

      Well, I think once someone hits somewhere around the age of 46 or so, they're declared as old.

      Ugh, so am I. I've read a few creepypasta's here and there, and I must say, the Majora's Mask one is the creepiest.

      Pfft haha.

      True. Everything can be payed for to be done by someone else for the most part :v
    13. The Tail
      The Tail
      that's what you seem to say about a lot of bands huh.

      50 is pretty old :v

      I like fantasy/horror type stuff. Though when I read certain horror stories, I get paranoid beyond belief :v

      Wait, someone at your school actually cosplayed as an anime character?

      Aw, that's too bad.
      Sewing really isn't something necessary in life anyways :v
    14. The Tail
      The Tail
      Pfft Zeppelin.

      True. But even old people pirate sometimes :v

      Eh, I read books when I'm really bored and have absolutely nothing better to do. Though I can't really find that many of interest anymore.

      Doesn't everything look awkward on fat people? Cosplayers, I mean, jesus christ.

      I get really bored of classes like that :v

      Yes I do. Just PM me or something and I'll add you.
    15. The Tail
      The Tail
      Yeah. And I get most of my ideas while at school, but then forget them when I'm like, able to draw.

      Band t-shirts are pretty cool, yes. My mum's too lazy to drive all the way to stores that have them though.
      Who doesn't pirate everything these days?
      Though I didn't know people would actually pirate books, in fact, I'm surprised that there are people who actually do still read books :v
      That looks pretty rad actually.
      I can't sew either, never bothered trying to learn, don't really care either :v
    16. The Tail
      The Tail
      I can't draw much from memory either. Details and such. So I have to look most up as reference :v
      Get's annoying too sometimes when I'm not able to look it up when I need it.

      Heh, I see you have quite a collection of 'em. I would get a few more, but, 20 bucks ain't gonna get me much, so :v
    17. The Tail
      The Tail
      True :v

      Awesome. I see you're quite talented with instruments.
      Yeah, I've drawn too many different band logos to name at once. I also doodle album art from time to time.

      Eh, me too.

      Speaking of band t-shirts, I want a few more than just my Avenged Sevenfold one :v
    18. The Tail
      The Tail
      Drunken tantrums eh? Sounds fun :v

      You play an instrument? that's cool.
      I draw band logos too when I'm bored and I can't think of anything else to draw.

      So, going insomniac tonight?

      I only have a few songs by them atm (can't get anymore until Monday), so really can't say what my favorite album is. Though song-wise, 'The Beheading of a King' is my favorite by them.
    19. The Tail
      The Tail
      Yikes. That doesn't sound good. Glad you guys managed to cool it down.
      Yeah. I've never seen my parents physically fight though.

      Shaky hands are a problem, but it doesn't hinder my drawing skill.

      Huh. Well that sucks :/

      I see you listen to Amon Amarth. Props to you.
    20. The Tail
      The Tail
      Hello there.

      Eh, not much. Parents have been arguing a lot late and they've been thinking about a divorce. Not good.
      Other than that, I've been drawing a lot. Mostly dragons though :v

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