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  • i did make a couple of drunk posts in the igrmt raters' group but i doubt she was in there lol.

    i will ask her when we both get online then.
    I'm sorry to hear that things are going bad for you. I hope they get better.

    Sounds pretty awesome. What bands are playing there?

    Thanks, I'm better now, adn my voice is coming back more. I still can't sing (Not like I could before though) but at least I can shout.
    Sorry I'm late in reply, but I'm hardly on Serebii anymore. Just no time and no interest left.

    I'm all right... sick, and my voice is leaving me so I'm almost mute. You?
    yeaman absolutely. a lot's been going on with me too but for some reason that's made me come online more so go figure lol.
    nvm i sorted it out i think. there was an # in there before where the /%20 was for you and i think that only allowed twitter users who are logged in to open the page since i logged out and got the same thing as you.
    really? it worked for me just now and iirc another sppfer said that she managed to get onto my twitter using it. perhaps you need an account on twitter to make it work?
    Sort of I used it temporarily to get some stone but my main mine starts where the stone "tunnel" meets the side of the hill. Yeah that's what I was thinking but I just don't find enough good stuff to use. x) and dude that's pretty cool, although idk how to use redstone yet. ;-; yeah D/P/Pt's music was nice at parts but imo it got a bit lost in HG/SS and there is like one area track I like in B/W. Oh right fair enough, I tend to use people irl or just make up some random name that kinda seems to fit. Agree completely.
    Yeaman I'm happy with it but idk what I want to actually put into it. =/ yeah tbh I think the music has been declining ever since the start of the 4th generation but then that could be just me. And lol I generally try to think of nicknames but then I just lack ideas and I move on but I guess I might try if I ever try to nuzlocke this generation. The only problem is that it'll be too easy with the re-usable TMs and all.
    Oh right sure then. i've started something pretty cool which I could show you at some point over Skype but this sums it up pretty nicely. How's White going?
    Yeah sure I'll take a look, we can Skype if you want to.

    And yeah invisible mode is good. <3

    Also sorry I didn't reply to your last VM. :v
    It took me forever to find a good download for my one. I was so happy when I got it, though. x) lol sheep are so annoying, I once had a house at the base of a waterfall and they kept coming down the waterfall into the house and it was annoying. ¬¬ wait you need water to grow seeds? I thought they do it themselves.

    Oh yeah hillsides sound like a good idea, I never really thought of that. I've decided to embrace my architectural side and imma make something interesting on MC.
    I once got spawned in the middle of a desert and there was literally nothing but desert so I was just like fts and ragequitted and then it happened again and I closed the game and silently raged over ridiculous hax. :U

    Yeah I guess it's not really too hard to find a good open space in minecraft. But I just get swamped and then the zombies spam me and ugh fts. I always try starting building something and then think like 'screw it' and make a box with a door and call it a good house. :U
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