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  • Well what I normally do is scout around a bit and when I find somewhere nice I make a beacon tower which is like four pillars of 64 blocks high with some torches on it and you can see it from everywhere.

    Zombies are fine but Skeletons piss me off really. Creepers just ugh. You have to lure them away which means leaving yourself completely exposed, or hope your house can take the hit and it sucks. ]:
    Yeaman I know what you mean I'm like starting over again every 5 minutes. Normally out of rage more than anything else.

    **** spiders. **** mobs in general. :U
    so i recently found out i can't play minecraft in a room with other people, because whenever i break through a cave wall and there's something behind it i have a tendency to exclaim "OH JESUS" in a relatively loud voice.
    Oh so I see you are liking Minecraft? o)
    yeah there's nothing new with sandstream this generation afaik, at least nothing noteworthy when ttar just kills everything as you said. there are a few doing better now like chlorophyll venusaur and harvest exeggutor which is amazing btw, used it myself. but yeaman sand would be pretty cool to work with.
    Lol I think his name is definitely Whatever. So I heard; kudos to the people who stayed though, because I feel like that required a ton of patience. I mean, if you feel that way, and you enjoyed rating, then you should come back.

    Haha I see. Yeah, I wouldn't have had the patience for all those fights that broke out. Idk if you've been in the sections now, but that's died out. It's pretty tame now.
    You all make me feel so old and nerdy haha. Still being knowledgeable at 14 is pretty good. I think perhaps you're viewed as a god because you were around early on, then vanished. Old raters remember you as part of the group, newer raters only hear whispers about you...sounds like a recipe for exaggeration, yes? Lol not that you're bad or anything.

    Way back when in terms of my joining of SPPf.
    well igrmt5 is still pretty early on in development and most people don't really know the b/w pokémon well enough yet to make gimmick teams, but weather is already going down pretty well because of drizzle politoed and drought ninetales, although they aren't even released yet :v. there've been a couple of good sun and rain teams but i just did a quick forum search and there's nothing really useful in the way of sand coming up.
    No kidding lol. Microsoft Word is also really helpful for finding out the nit-pick grammar errors that I Don't catch onto and still don't understand but just keep changing the sentence structure and guessing until I get it right; this is a really long sentence.

    Damn you don't you know that you're supposed to go around like a snob telling people what's wrong with them, what they need to change and how they should live things out? Psh. Maybe music won't be too helpful eventually, unless I want to be a band director or something, but it is something that I do enjoy.

    Why would you have to be there two hours early? I don't know anything about concerts but that just seems really early, I don't know. You should go talk to her sometimel; though I realize that you probably have no ways of communication with her yet, but I think it would be a nice thing to do.

    Oh dang.... now that conversation has run into a dead end and has nowhere to go ;_;
    Hmmm, stalking sounds negative, think of it more like...
    Research? You left around the same time I started posting.

    Pokemon is the great time waster/boredom killer.
    That's why I never really typed like that in the first place, lol. I was afraid I would get too used to it and do it on my school assignments. I wonder how low my grade would drop if I did type like that.

    Yep. Trying to decide whether to lean more towards music or towards science.... It's so confusing ;_; and my grades all dropping down makes things no better. Any idea what you'll be doing next year?

    SWEET. I still have yet to go to a concert (minus orchestral school ones). I guess it's just because I don't think people have the same taste of music as I do and if I were to go, I'd want friends to come along too.
    maybe when White comes out in English and if i get interested in the game or something again enough to actually rate i'll give it a shot, idk, we'll see
    IGRMT could use another not stupid good rater around,
    our raterbase has pretty much gone to ****. :/
    i'm gonna be completely generic here and say it'd be really nice if you came back tbh. we need competent raters and you're above and beyond just that.
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