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  • Rofl, that's okay. It do that way to often to other people.

    Haha, I get your drift. The whole social standard in school is a problem, as are places where dress restrictions don't exist >_< I haven't had to experience it, but I can bet that telling an overweight girl that wearing little more than a bikini top that she doesn't look good in it isn't fun.

    Thank you ^_^ Chocolate is always good 8D I got Christmas candy, two pairs of earrings (one with amethysts....) socks, a new flute case, an Antonio Vivaldi Violin concerto CD,the Count of Monte Cristo, and a new phone (but I needed to get that since my family switched). I feel really spoiled..... especially considering the treatment I got in October all of this makes me feel like a fat jerk.

    Happy New Year's by the way!
    That's okay. I love you anyways :p

    Oh, tutoring.... I actually haven't been tutored before, but I have been homeschooled, which I hated, and I imagine they wouldn't be much different.

    'Kay then.

    Merry Christmas by the way! What'd you get this year?
    Thank you for telling me that. Looks like he just left me a VM, so I can go and ask what he's been swamped with and why he's unavailable at those times :p

    That always sucks too.

    Ugh, I can't wait for winter break.... it's still exam week in school where I am. We don't get out for about two days... Are you on break yet?
    Oh good. thanks :)

    Agreed. I hate slipping on ice. Especially when you're doing it on a street in public, and you haven't been up north in a while, so when you slip you look like a total idiot. And when it bruises your tailbone, it's even worse.

    If you want to keep it to yourself, that's fine.
    And you're the only one I'm talking to at the moment. I did tak to Umbreaon-Dana a fair bit, but then he just vanished. I actually kinda miss him.

    Ah, sucks for you then. When I permanently lived in a place with actual seasons, I was too young to shovel snow, so I just got to enjoy it.

    Want to talk about it? It's okay if you don't--I actually don't feel comfortable talking about mine. Just offering to listen if you want to talk.
    I keep internet friends on Serebii (since this is the only forum I come to) and in real life friends on Facebook, in case I need information or something and I'm too nervous to call them.

    When you live in Texas, snow is uncommon. Or nonexistant. Even in October and November. I do miss snow though, so nice and cold and fun to play in....

    Depends. Reasons that it was happening were generally good, but the reason it happened at all was bad. May not make much sense, but it's how I can describe it.

    Haha ;P
    That's all right. I don't come to Serebii at all much either; and I'm usually talking to real-life friends now through facebook. Not sure if facebook using is good or bad though.

    Yeah, but we played concert music instead. Marching was kinda meh, you stay out and march for three hours and get hot and sweaty. I'm also unsure about the people in my section, because one won't talk at all and will only say something if you ask her a question, but then it's in the briefest way possible, yet she still hangs around you all the time and will just stand next to you if she doesn't know what to do. The older people are nice to me, but a freshman and a senior both don't like me at all. I'm not any good at playing flute either, so I'm divided on dropping band altogether or learning a new isntrument next year.

    Early October was so weird for me. I went places most people know about, but never get to go to, and got to meet some people that brought up awkward situations.

    Mhm. It does, and though I should probably do the same, I just never get around to it.
    Woah.... just realized how much you've cleared out your friends list. Didn't you used to have a whole lot more friendso on there?
    Meh.... not much. Getting ready for the holidays, and I've got to perform tomorrow and later today, after I march in a parade.

    How're you doing?
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