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  • So, would a max Def Blissey survive a 252 Atk STAB SE Close Combat?
    Would the same Blissey survive a STAB Neutral Outrage from 24 Atk EV Trained Kingdra?
    Ice Beam over NP? With it an Life Orb, I can probably 1-2HKO all Dragons in the Standard Metagame. How does one make damage calculations?
    You say it is a little reliant on set-up? First, is that a bad thing? Second, if it is how do I fix it?
    Ok, I'm back and I finished my team (sorry I didn't come back until now). Here's an idea of it. Tell me what you think.
    SR Zong
    DD Kingdra with Substitute and Adamant Nature; Sniper with Leftovers.
    Choice Scarf Infernape with Rash Nature.
    NP Porygon-Z with Timid Nature. HP Fighting > the others.
    Sub PunchNoir with Adamant Nature and ThunderPunch.

    What do you think?
    Thanks. I'll be back in a while. My computer is going slow, so I'll try to make a team for a while (you don't need to reply to this; it would feel wierd if you did).
    So far, they have perfect synergy. How do you add synergy if the first two Pokemon already do?
    That's pretty basic, but it has helped me a bit. So, a good team has a good lead, and you build on that lead by covering weakness and dangerous pokemon?
    I have never made a serious Shoddy Team, so I really don't know. I need to know how to make a good one, though.
    Wow, that was exactly 30 minutes! Anyways, didn't I ask you yesterday? To answer your question, I wasn't asking like that. Just chat about other things.
    That's a legidimate reason. I have the same thing, but it's when I'm actually face-to-face with the person or group of people.
    I'm good; I'm doing the same. One question: Why do I always have to say something first for a conversation (I'm not saying you aren't a good friend, because you really are. It's just a question.)?
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