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  • Actually, I won't present, just show, but still... Oh, yes I will. My project can't Fail. I should guarentee myself (and maybe you) that I'll get atleast a 90 on the Volcano.
    My teacher's back, so I'm gonna do the eruption tomorrow and tell you how people liked it. So, how's your day been?
    She had to go somewhere important. I am getting ready to go somewhere, actually. And only 16 MORE DAYS until Winter Break!
    Blond ambition. I wanted to look up Tatortot for $#*% and giggles, and I found your comment. I'm not mad at you, I thought I should just give you an explination.
    I just turned it in. Guess what? The teacher wasn't there and soshe told my friend who told me that the teacher said the project is due when she returns next WEEK.
    TT wanted to leave the fourms, so I got rid of him. Like he wanted..but it was funny and I applauded the whole way through. Wasn't as epic as I thought it would be. But I save it as my desktop.
    Sorry about not replying in the right place; I am so completely useless with the actual mechanics of forums. This is pretty much the only forum that I actually post in instead of just lurking semi-creepily. But anyway:


    The link to TOBSOG, if you want to read! I really hope you'll review at least once, because I doubt anyone else is going to know who the characters are or slog through 26 chapters to find out. ^^
    You didn't comment my Explanation on why I didn't get on Serebii forums...

    Anyways, my day's been good. The cousins that visited are leaving today.

    I just have to color my volcano and then I'm finished with it (what a relief).
    Hey, I didn't have time to get on Serebiiforums yesterday (during the time you're on) because I had to do my Volcano Model Project. I have done everything but the coloring of the Volcano and putting the chemicals in the volcano for the eruption (I am going to put all chemicals in the opening but the Vinegar (needed to make the chemical reaction happen), which I am going to do when I show to "present" the Volcano. Also, the other reason was that my mom's cousin and her children came to visit me.

    So, how's yesterday and today been?
    I was wondering if you would like to battle. My team isn't complete either. Tell me if you accept my challenge either through PM of a Visitor Message.
    Emerald is fun because of the BF. Otherwise, I like FRLG. Anyways, my plans for the project are kinda ruined. I have to go to a learning center earlier than usual (at 9:00 other than 11:30 on Saturday), and I'll be gone the whole morning.
    I was just looking around to see if anyone needed help. I might play my Emerald. I'm gonna buy the materials for my Volcano and build the Volcano model tomorrow
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