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  • How many intervals should I do the model building in? I think I'll do the research Tomorrow, start the building, coloring, and shading on Friday, and finish it off on Saturday. I'll do this all in the afternoon since I like playing games and helping on Serebii mostly at night,
    i have a project due on Tuesday, December 2nd. I have to make a volcano, and I don't have a partner / group, again! I got a 0 on the last project I was assigned because no one would include me in their partnership / group. I guess I'll get another zero on this one because I have no partner / group, and I don't want to work alone.
    Oh, ok. Blowhard's an awesome theme. Anyways, I was just training my Ninetales and Slowking on Emerald.
    Could you explain the recent EVs you posted for Vappy Weak? Also, have you heard Blowhard from one of the first Spyro Games before?
    If you've been posting on your profile, it's sending me Notifications, but if not, I'm not sure. I'm sorta new to this 'Visitor Message' thing.
    I have to talk on your profile to get a notification or does it work if I post something on my profile, too?
    I can't believe no one has posted a topic in 4th or 3rd Generation in a while. I like to help people and their teams.
    Mine has been OK, but I CANT WAIT until Winter Break. 2 Weeks Dude! One question: What's your favorite music genre and artist of that genre?
    Wow, another reader! Dude, you don't know how thrilling it is to hear someone new is reading my fic. Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts when you do catch up. XD Thanks again.
    Hey there Chaotic Tyrant, thanks for helping out in ... The Medabots Fan Club! Just wondering, would you like to be friends with me? :D Also, I see you like L337 speak. ROFL!
    hey, dont wanna rush you but when are you going to post the topic and put the banner/s at the first post??? just curius and BTW wanna be freinds?
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