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  • @Japan Why would you leave the room after he told you that you traded him the Japanese one?

    @SK443 It's pretty hard to believe that he did it accidentally... By the way, my shop is closed, but your order will be processed when the waiting list has empty spots.
    So yeah he accidentally traded me the wrong one, and accidentally left the Wi-Fi room even after I informed him it was the wrong one -_-
    Please man don't believe what he says..I did not scam him...a scam is more likely a run-away trade if you know what I mean...and I accidentally traded him the Japanese one. =p
    Well, he scammed me. I had a trade for his korean DW Chimchar and he slipped in a Japanese one instead. Then he left the Wi-Fi room and I'm still waiting for a trade back.
    Thanks guys. By the way, I got a Shinsegae legit Manaphy finally and it's going in the trophy case! ^^ Cheers! The OT will be listed as well, but I can't trade until 6 October, though I will be available on this Friday, 23 Sept 2011, and Saturday, 24 Sept 2011.
    Hey guys for these 2-3 weeks until 6 October 2011, I am NOT coming online. I am sorry for the inconvenience but I have a REALLY IMPORTANT examination coming up. I won't forget the trades for those on my waiting list. I hope you understand. Thanks! ^^
    when are you on & able to trade? i always seem to miss you...
    - #635 Wi-Fi Movie 11 Hydreigon - Timid
    - #643 Movie 11 Reshiram - Modest
    - #644 Movie 11 Zekrom - Adamant
    sorry to see rayquaza not for trade i'll take the hobby fair zoroark,ske48 pikachu and aaa pikachu can i also get a sum2011 shelmet and karrablast i'll throw in a dw poliwag
    WHAT RAYQUAZA IS NFT??!?!?!?!!!??!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!
    thats what i wanted the most xDDDDDDDDDD
    pity pity
    can u trade now??
    whats the nature of the croagunk?
    cause i already got a croagunk with poison touch by trading a lvl 1 aerodactyl its lonely nature
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