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  • I don't like SwagPlay. Too risky imo. Malamar aint that bulky. I had glare and thunder wave, so hypnosis and its awful 60% rate was an easy pass

    I am 100% convinced that Mimikyu has Leech Life to counter Malamar. Shadow Claw & Play Rough cover psychic types and dark types enough as-is and why would you use a grass type here
    Yeah that's all good stuff, the new tier list will probably mostly be the same, but it'll shake out a bit different i think.

    Also huh, never noticed no bounsweet. I just assumed I never ran into one
    In that conjecture, Splatoon or Kirby would make more sense, with Metroid making only sense if we get MP4 in 2018.
    So, AC mobile is done. Zelda is rumored to be next. What do you think will be after that? Mario Party or Kart?
    Destiny 2 is coming out tomorrow. How much fanboy rage do you think we will experience this time around?
    So, with Cory Booker going for the marijuana bill, what is the biggest remaining debate for USA? Abortion is already legal, same-sex marriage as well. Gun control requires constitutional change, abolishing death penalty would require a federal law, polygamy and legal prostitution are still on a debate level.
    Nintendo's answer to voice chat is so elegant.

    All those wires just clutter together and form a beautiful sight!
    Onion> Kirby gets diagnosed with stomach cancer.
    Next poster> This article can't be real, it came from the Onion.

    Really? I could have sworn that Kirby would have actually suffered from cancer, but I guess the Onion can't be trusted.
    I heard a rumor that they're gonna put in Digimon this time
    Inaccurate, because Pokemon already became Digimon.
    I wonder how people wiLl pay for two games, two consoles, online service, Pokébank, costs for going to events and GO in app purchases.
    I'll see your face in next six years :p.

    But more seriously, bottleneck is going to be here for a while. Headsets are nauseating, and to be completely seamless you need to have insane graphics, which won't occur for the time being(certainly not with 4K upscaling or current processors). Even if consumer hype remains(which is incredibly unlikely as people will get bored soon), we will almost certainly find another gimmick to sell in next six years, because investors, and head displays are not good for TV industry.

    This same sh** occurs wit AI and 3D cycles. People get excited for once every 10 years, and returns start to diminish, until it is completely forgotten to be remembered once again in the next 10 years. In the mean time, the gimmick has already pushed the boundaries of the industry, so we can just update to the next generation of hardware, and just sell that vanilla.
    The amount of people who think curved TV, VR and holographic TV won't go the same hell as 3D TV, second screens, and motion controls is amusing to me.

    It is amusing that people haven't realized that these gimmicks occur to fill in gaps between resolution and computation updates.
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