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  • I am looking for a weapon for solo that has 6 stars in range, standing cont fire +4 (for flying parts) and dash ch. shot +4 for ground to maximise my damage output. Don't really care about defences, because they're hard to get.. Speed is not a matter for bows anyway. Could use claws too, but their range is not what I am looking for, except for Beam claws ;)
    Wow, so many awesome mods on that bow!
    I am also looking for a bow, but for solo, because, imho, it's one of the best weapons for 9.0 runs ^^ I clear chapter 2 on 9.0 every time I need some hearts/weapons with a 5.5/1.5 Sagittarius bow and for Gaol have quick charge + energy charge and she's toast :D
    Yeah, that's why I try to have both a ranged and a melee weapon in my arsenal. My End-all arm is heavy and loses to most other melee weapons in a melee clash :(. I think I'll fuse it away because I just can't beat other melee people with it, even though the arm can OHKO anything without defence boosts.
    I often alternate between a ranged/melee weapon because the stages tend to alternate between narrow and widely open too.
    The tournament started last week already, this time it's revenge cup. I'd prefer to do this today because I can't guarantee that I am online until next weekend.
    And we do care about you :)
    Lucky! Some fresh air and distance from everyday life is always good. Should have left a message or something that you're available only today in the online thread ^^;
    Finally you responded! I'll keep a room open and hopefully poopoop will join us soon too (sent a VM already a while ago)
    great games today! is that person that was playing with us on seribii too? (not the "King" person"
    I meant that i knew you'd say you would kill someone. I only see you through a computer, so that looks pretty smart to me.
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