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  • Well, option 7 isn't a thing, because Switch is rumored to be more powerful than Wii U and 3DS. And option 2 won't be a thing soon with Scorpio, when we enter generation 8.5 fully.

    And the option 3 doesn't seem likely, as after a few months with the release of Mario Sports Superstars, we will finish up the remaining major releases on 3DS(assuming they don't announce anything major in/near E3). Even if a new Pokémon game is released, spinoff or not, it will be essentially on a dying console.

    Option 5 seems also odd, considering they literally showed you it being used during flight.

    I'll give you 1, 4 and 6 though.
    So, exactly why Nintendo isn't focusing on Switch's handheld capabilities?

    Is it because it is too soon, or is it because they are going to pull what I expect them to do so, and make a dedicated handheld that is essentially a watered down Switch with a little dead 3DS inside can be played on TV?
    the bag is an integral part of the chopped onion experience

    to separate the contents from the container is an affront to hey man do you want a Heracross itself
    This is the same generation where everything is slow.

    But still you know why I'm really here like do you have a Heracross though
    All that I have some stock of right now are Dreamball Koffing with EM. Moonball Female Nidoran. Luxuryball Dratini with Marvel Scale ESpeed. Heavyball and Moonball Gastly with EM.That's all I'm willing to trade since it's just a Meowth. If not I'll just wait for the Mirage Spot or ask someone else.
    I know that the word's origins deal with the moon, but I made that comment tongue-in-cheek. I don't think I'm insane at least.

    It was a convenient joke, and the nickname I gave a Munna one time. I guess you can say it's a (not!)pun.
    cool cat but when do you start taking it to the gym, get them gains bruh
    That's a wise choice, but let me tell you this: I was put into a frat dorm, and I don't drink, do drugs, or go to college with the attempt of getting laid.


    One thing that happened, that even got some notable outside coverage, is when Anonymous cyber attacked one of our local "jobs". (Jobs was used as a vague term. I don't know how much of a giveaway this is if you google searched. LOL!)
    Not as freaky as when your town is shown as text on Colbert's show when the context of the segment deals with a certain stupid Congressman.

    While trying to dig up some dorm I was thrown in, I found a fairly recent article dealing with an arsonist. That isn't the worse thing about the dorm though, lol!
    You bring up one of the points of what I do. Some of my jokes have a small audience, but they would appreciate it.

    There was a time I asked MLBcmv22, whether or not the Red Sawks make good Throhs.

    Think of it this way. Let's say that you were watching South Park (or insert a more preferred adult cartoon) and they made a joke where they literally mention your town name, and they make a joke about how terrible it was.
    That's very implausible at best (unless they wanted to make a "lottery gag"), but my point is that the people living there watching that episode would find it a lot more hilarious (if not partially creepy).

    As for my signature, I also threw in F-Zero pilot, The Skull, on the left. I loved F-Zero GX, and it remains my favorite racing game. However, most of the picture is to express how lousy my sense of humor is, all the while enjoying it.
    You say that, but the picture in my sig is a random cluster of interpretations (like how some memes work).

    A lot of my style of humor is just humoring myself. I feel that either my jokes point things out in an appreciable way, or get so complex, that I'm the only one who is into it.

    I would say that the sig art is more the latter, but not the biggest example from me.
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