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  • I'm not sure what we were supposed to be trading but I guess we talked about DW pokemons. If that's the case, I am not interested, as you took tooo much time to do it. Thanks anyway...
    It may be a crazy idea, but try this: when you have an egg ready, save in front of the Day Care Man. Collect 4 or 5 eggs and, after they hatch, check their stats. If none are acceptible, reset and try again. I do it like this and it generally gets done in 3 to 5 sets, even for low gender ratio families.
    Alright. And just in case you didn't know, Eevee is one of the Pokemon with a 7 Male to 1 Female gender ratio. Females are hard enough to get and adding the ability makes it a serious pain. Please don't drive yourself nuts with its stats, moves, or nature. I simply plan on using it for breeding, so a single female with the DW ability is good enough.
    Alright then. My game info is as follows:
    Name: Chris
    Friend Code: 2021 9034 5869
    At what date and time would you be ready to trade? I will need to know in advance because while I have access to Wi-Fi every day all day, I only access computers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, please list your time zone so I can schedule accordingly. Thank you!
    It's ok. I've been busy with medical issues and outragous things in life. Things are starting to level out for me though, and I will be around more. =)
    Ok, just to let you know, I have the DWf Remoraid ready. Just VM or PM me whenever you're ready to trade. Chances are that I'm online. I'm really not going to be far from my computer the next few days.
    They just announced the landorus/thundurus Japanese wifi event. Since I only have import black, I'll be receiving Japanese thundurus 12/16. I can technically receive it 12/15 since Japan is a day ahead of me, but jus to make sure people can't say my copy is fake/hacked, I will wait til then. Every friend of mine is welcomed to a free clone of, jus drop me a pm to let me know
    yeah i think u r right .. unreasonable >.<
    umm what about .. the DW Clamperl ? or the DW Lileep ?
    i can give u the pichu + light ball .. reasonable ?
    hey :)
    i have a DW UT female pichu with the egg move " Volt Tackel "
    and i'm interested in ur DW female eevee :)
    what do u think ?
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