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  • Just thought I'd let you know, I finally beat the Battle Factory! Its been a long time since I've been on serebiiforums...
    hey, good luck at the worlds LCQ, im going to so im just droping off support.

    P.S- can you look at my RMT? there is a link at the VGC discussion tread
    Thanks. I keep telling them I need to know IVs and natures of their Pokes, but they only give the good one's. I gave one person consideration due to him saying he had an Adamant, shiny, near flawless Rayquaza. I asked him about his PID, SID, and ID so I could make an assumption on legitamacy, but heard nothing back from him yet.

    I think I loose most of them when I talk about stuff like that. :p
    Heya EE, indeed it's been a while. I don't really frequent any boards nowadays. Whether or not that'll change I have no idea, I often go through phases where I do something a lot and then other phases where I don't do it at all. Good to hear from ya though
    That reminds me, I'm entering a mono-type tournament on here in one of the clans, think you could check over my team for me? It has gone 2/0 so far in practice matches, mind you that was against a ground type team....
    Meh...for some weird reason I had a feeling he was that 11yr old again. Even still, I thought I did what was necessary, mind you it seems that whenever I post even something remotely harmful, minigot infracts me for it.....lol.
    lol...tell me about it. Before I had a smogon account, I was using serebii only, and I nearly got banned on here for saying that I thought that shuckle was better than chansey....weird eh?
    ><....by god, you too have a serebii account? Lol, somewhere in the southwest, chuck norris is angry....lol
    Very nice choice of ball with a dive ball for the shaymin. When I caught my shiny timid shaymin with hp-ice, I used a premier ball as it was very easy to catch after false-swiping its health as I used a breloom in my party to prevent being leech seeded.
    Funny you should mention using Breloom to catch your shiny Shaymin. I used a shiny Breloom to catch mine, too! It really was a rather quick process; I only had to throw three Dive Balls to catch it.

    Premier Ball looks nice on shiny Shaymin, too, especially on Shaymin-S. I had actually planned to catch shiny Shaymin in a Premier Ball in that all my Dive Balls had failed to capture it.
    Agreed. I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering HG/SS, but I probably won't be beating it for a couple months or so. I will admit - I'm still learning RNG, but at least I'm able to capture Pokemon with a beneficial nature + good IV's. Wondercard IV's is...well, I don't know if I'd easily obtain a Timid Shaymin with good IV's...but we'll see about that...

    The Japanese are always up to something to make HG/SS easier...like the finalist who had a shiny team.
    Oh, hey...how's your RNG abusing going?

    I haven't done much activity due to schoolwork, but I've been playing off and on...but not as much as usual.
    hi can you answer my friend request i saw alot of videos of you of pokemon emerald and weren't you at the northeast 2009 video game regional championship
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