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    Hi, I don't think I've ever introduced myself to you. Well, my name is Cortney and I'm a big Pearlshipping fan. How are you doing today?
    just normal yeah I don't feel the cold. though I was born in summer.

    yeah that what I do to keep cool in summer.
    well I don't have any pool or Beach that are near by.

    it get from 35-48 sometime here as I live in AUS and it sometime but rarely get above 50, but I just not use to heat. Winter I can dress in summer cloth and don't fell a thing unless it below 10.
    ha, well, I do like Ikarishipping, but I don't feel torn between the two. XD You see, although I like how Ikarishipping would play out, I don't really see them getting together in the anime. Simple as that. BUT, I really like how their pairing is. I mean, they COULD be together in the anime, but it's kinda already established that they won't end up together. Seems to unlikely at this time in the plot. Soooo... I like Ikarishipping, but I love Pearlshipping more. :p
    Well it feels weird cause you recieve a lot of pain at the moment of the injury then after the injury happens you feel all dizzy and the injury doesn't hurt but when you try to move it it hurts and also the hand, leg or whatever you broke will look different and dislocated :x.
    Well no cause I couldn't play for months XD. But Still I am on the basketball team since I am in HIgh School and I am one of their best players not that I belive that XD
    summer coming here and that when it happen.

    It every summer so it normal. It because of the heat. Summer just get to me because of the high heat here. and Heat I mean heat. so yeah Heat and me don't mix. you know what I mean.

    anyway don't worry about me. I fine.
    I know. Screaming till your ears bled... that's art? XD

    Well, depends what kinda image you want to show. Screenshots are a bit tricky, but for fanart, just use
    Nah you are not Stupid :p . And aww Blisters DXXXXXXXXX . But atleast you are ok now :3 . Lol I don't like the Opera that much XD. Well I have had a lot of bad days XDDDD , I remember when I tried soccer for the 1 time XD , I ended up breaking my leg and arm and lost my first baby teeth there XD. And NP about that X3 .
    anyway yeah how your day?

    me I had a bad day, one of my DS game crash for good. I lost in the battle tower, and I been feeling weak and tired for the last month.
    awww, that's nice of you to say. :3 Well, I've been a Pearlshipper since last year, not since exactly day 1. D:

    Buuut, yeah. I am a BIG hardcore Pearlshipper. But I'm mature enough to not bash non-pearlshippers/other Ash/Dawn-ships.

    ANYWAY, how are you today? :p
    Lol I know how frisbee works XD . TBH I don't drive that much XD , Is not that interesting for me . Aw what happened today ? , You don't have to tell me if you want to but still it makes me feel bad :( .
    Wow nice hobbies there and wow again on the frisbee team . TBH I never knew that existed ;x . Same with me i, but if no one doesn't want to come with me that day , I just say to my sister sometimes and we go on a ride around town XP . Lol thanks for the thing you said :) there , maybe I am XD.

    *Sorry for late reply *
    Well apart from Pearl (which is my second favorite)

    OTP is cheekyshipping (Max x Mira.) you might have notices by my Title.

    all other I would have to PM you a list.
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