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  • Wanna battle on 5th gen? My FC is 2753 4022 5765. My timezone is GMT so give me a shout at what times are good if now is not.
    Heya there explosms, long time no see 2 years or something? Meh but I have to dissappoint you, I don't play pokémon anymore since just a little bit before B/W2 came out. Pokémon strategy is Always the same, I used to play it for fun but then I only played it competitive and it made me unhappy. The only reason why I'm still on serebii is because I can't miss my friends out here. Altough this flaws I think it's pretty cool to re-see you again. Haha and I love the welch accent <3
    LOL. Welcome back Explosms!

    By that time you last posted I was having lunch. Drop by earlier!

    Check your swapnote too~

    I don't have totally OU team but I can still battle you. 4th gen or 5th gen? I have ALOT of teams for 5th gen.
    haha ok.

    hmm my internet been crappy lately. boohoo.

    so yeah i can't be online for long.
    lol ever heard of a flying squirrel? you are talking about 5th gen for this right?
    it is healthier than chicken! but of course not much meat to chew on.

    i love it!

    i want to gain luck lol. maybe i should get luck incense or lucky punch.

    but i so wanted to eat poke eggs.
    i cheated by using lucky eggs! and a lv 100 Blissey! I am lazy to keep going to poke centers.

    shame on me!
    lol i go for gas attack woot! i should wear gas mask for this.

    As i restarted the game i only have few pokemon with me lol.
    So do you want me to hunt it down? I shall use Fartion (Gastly) XD

    I even have a dicer (Turtwig) and a cooker (Ponyta) prepared! And spices (Roselia)!!!
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