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  • why would it sell on E-bay lol. probably it would be in the auction house!
    lol! i prefer to stab its lungs. oops.


    i guess i have to sleep early for this.
    lol it is ok, it is just take sometimes to recover. it is just a mild flu without sore throat whew.

    maybe find ways to chase away the dragon? lol.
    though yes i agree it is easier to write words to express oneself.

    however people prefer to hear you speak and from that they think they know who you are. though i do not like this way but well that is the reason we should learn to 'act' in front of people.

    yeah talking to people is hard as it may not go as smoothly as you think.
    lol the job i am pursuing have to talk to people and i may have to learn more languages.
    haha! true. but i prefer to watch fireworks and chat with people.

    hmmmmm. but really saying it out is better for me.
    boohoo. i heard amercia has the most outrages fireworks. fireworks for hours! OMG!

    a little chatting does makes my day instead of bottoming up the problems.
    hmm. well just by chatting does make my day~

    did you see the fireworks for America's Independence Day?
    nah i am serious about this.

    as i lag arm power and can't be trained, i can't go as fast as i used to anymore. and training with only 3 limbs is very painful to me. can't make time etc.
    i did told you before am i lol.

    *sob* I can but can't really go faster than my personal best anymore.
    haha! well it is ok. If i can't compete due to that injury, i just pursue my other dream then!
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